28 Mar 2010 : Welcome to Blue Earth
Welcome to Blue Earth
Summary: After Ghouls attack the cemetery and those in it, Abilene, Daniel and Lucas find they could really use a drink.
Date: March 28th, 2010
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The shotgun was taken away by the bartender, something which very much irritated Lucas, but he kind of expected it, really. Besides, it was the shotgun or no whiskey, and he really needed a drink. He's stalked over to a table off in a corner, boots kicked up onto it, a shotglass in one hand and a bottle in the other as he relaxes back against the wall and tosses back another shot.

Daniel walks in, muttering to himself as he digs in his pocket, laying a wad of bills on the bar. "Drinks are on me until that runs out," he says, grabbing a beer as it is pushed towards him. Muttering to himself, he breathes into the cup, and the suddenly frosty mug rises to his lips. "That was weird."

"Hey!" Lucas's head lifts as he gestures with the whiskey bottle towards Daniel, "You're that… author guy, or whatever, right? Get over here, pull up a seat."

Daniel glances over, nods, and takes a seat. "No problem. Yeah, I'm the author guy. Daniel McGrath. Nice to meet you."

Not having anything to take away - not even her scorched pieces of laundry or her melted basket - Abilene minces into the bar. She's not normally a drinker, in fact she can't really hold her liquor at all. But after what just happened, she feels like she owes it to herself to get drunk on a pint of beer. She is what one may call a cheap date. Arm still wrapped around her chest because her ribs are still sore, she wordlessly drops onto a stool by Daniel and Lucas.

"Lucas." Everyone knows Lucas! If you have a car, anyway, since he's the guy who provides the gas. Since there's a lady present now, he takes his feet off the table, scooting forward and pouring another shot, his head shaking slowly, "You alright there, Abby?"

Daniel nods to her, gesturing to the bartender to bring the girl whatever she drinks, taking another swig. "Drinks on me." He is about to ask how she feels but Lucas beats him to the punch, so he just nods to show his own concern. No ghoul got close to him, so he is fine."

Well, Abilene isn't really sure what she drinks. It's not often that she does such a thing. "Um, whatever's on tap?" It's clear she has no idea. After the 'tender leaves to go get 'whatever is on tap' she frowns and looks at the table, rubbing her sore ribcage. "I don't really have any clothes any more."

A second shot glass is filled with whiskey, and Lucas ever so helpfully slides it over towards Abilene. "I could dig through my old laundry if you want," he offers ever so charitably, both brows raising, "Might be able to come up with a shirt and some sweats or something— or maybe one've my ex-wives left something I haven't burned yet."

Daniel nods. "I think I have some stuff that could help you out as well, old jeans and t-shirts. Be a bit big but could get you by for awhile, at least. Sorry about your clothes… I tried to put them out, guess I didn't get there fast enough." He gives her a look over. "That flame was impressive, started under such stressful conditions."

The shot is glanced at with something like disdain. She did shots before and it really did not agree with her. However, it may help with the pain in her side. "N-no. That's okay. I…I think I did enough with clothes and burning. I'll just find something from home." Her current clothes aren't really doing her any favors, either. They're covered in ooze and goo and don't really smell fresh any more. "It's okay. I'm kinda the one that set them on fire. Didn't really mean to do that."

"You sure? I mean, it's not that far a drive down to the trailer park," Lucas offers, though he's not going to press the matter; pouring himself a third shot, he shakes his head slowly, "Ghouls. Fuck, I should've known, after the damn midget."

Daniel nods and watches as a beer is brought over to her, taking another pull on his own. "You should have known? They're fucking ghouls. There can't be more than a thousand people in the country who would see walking ghouls and think; "I should have known. What is UP with this place?"

With a wave of her hand, Abilene dismisses the idea. She'll sit in gooey clothing for now. "Thanks, though." Eyeing the poured shot warily, she frowns and then starts to kind of sip on it. "You keep talking about a midget. What is this midget?" As for Daniel, she nods her head. "I could expect something like this in Vegas, but Blue Earth?"

"There's too damn many people in Vegas," Lucas points out dryly, raising the shot glass up in a faint gesture towards Abilene, "No, you always find the real monsters in off-the-track places like this. Fuck. You should see the shit they get outside of westernized countries…" He knocks the shot back, slamming it down, moving his head in a firm shake before exploding out a breath, "Shit, that's some good stuff— the midget? I don't know his story. He was trying to make a deal with a troll, went bad, raised half the graveyard before getting his bondage gear ass stepped on."

Daniel shakes his head. "I've seen plenty in the non-westernized countries. Came here to write my next book, and heard rumors there might be some good material for it. Wasn't expecting it to be so prevalent people didn't blink twice at it, though."

"Doesn't stop some of them!" Abilene points out, still sipping from her shot glass. By the time it gets down to the bottom, she tips it back and puts it down empty in front of her. She makes a face at the taste of it, but she continues. "Hmm…that could explain it then." It was the other half of the graveyard the midget attempted to raise. She's never been outside of the States, and she shrugs at the idea from Daniel. "The world is weird," is all she tells him.

"Welcome to Blue Earth," says Lucas with tongue firmly in cheek, one hand raising up to rub against his face, "Christ. I'm retired, I didn't think I'd be dealing with this shit anymore… just retire here, run the gas station, it was such a good fuckin' plan."

Daniel downs his beer, and waves on the next one. "Welcome indeed," he says with a half toast as he takes the next pull. There is a long sigh. "I should probably start writing this stuff down. Didn't think to bring a notebook."

"I don't think you'll forget it that easily," Abilene tells the man wryly. She doesn't ahev anything to toast with any more, but that's alright be her. "I've never really seen much like that," she admits. "Read about it, 'course."

Lucas just shakes his head slowly, admitting, "That's small potatoes, too. That's just… some problems in the graveyard. There's more stuff going on around here. Some vampires drove down here from Vegas, a few weeks ago… damn shame, too, this one? Smokin' hot." A vague wave of his empty glass, "Swear, the hot ones are always evil monsters."

Daniel chuckles into his beer. "The worst are the monsters who aren't evil, per se." He chuckles. "Was this one girl, in Romania. Gypsy. Smoking hot. Possessed by the spirit of her great-grandmother, who'd been something of a randy girl." He shakes his head. "Not evil, just… disturbing. Like I'd been in a threesome with the girl and her great-gran."

Oh Lord, and now they've started on the 'hot women are evil' topic. With an exaggerated roll of her eyes, Abilene crosses her arms. "Not all hot women are evil, by the way. And all monsters are not hot women. That's the problem with men, they see boobs and they suddenly go all apeman and can't control themselves." Then, she pauses and eyes Daniel. "And that's just gross."

"Oh, no?" Lucas's brows arch upwards in amused challenge of Abilene's words, "My second wife tried to /eat/ me, and not in the /good/ way. Although, well, I suppose I haven't seen you do anything particularly monstrous yet, Abby…" He squints at her, mischief glinting in his eyes as he tries not to grin, "You have fangs in there?"

"If you do, kindly wait until I pass out to eat my soul. I'd have to try to fight you, otherwise, and I hate fighting the girls I've bought drinks for." Daniel grins. "And don't judge me TOO much. Didn't know about the possession until afterwards."

"You just have poor taste in women, obviously," Abilene informs Lucas with wrinkle of her nose. "What in the world did you marry that tried to eat you?" With the mischievous glint in the eye, she gives him an unamused smile to show that she has no fangs of the sort. "You've seen me during the day." To Daniel, she just groans. "I'm not going to eat anyone's soul. It'd probably taste bad, anyway."

At the question, Lucas looks pained, raising a hand, "Don't… don't ask, trust me, you don't want to know, and my ego's already an endangered species, darlin'." He shakes his head, tilting the bottle to his shot glass to fill it, "Prob'ly so, too, admittedly."

"I am reliably informed that souls taste like chicken. Or was it chicken souls? I was understandably distracted at the time." Daniel shrugs, and bottoms up another beer.

With a raised eyebrow, Abilene snickers. "Actually, I think you mean 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'." That crappy book with happy stories in it. "Though, I wouldn't actually be surprised if it did." Lucas gets a blink and then a nod. "Won't bring it up again, Lucas. Sorry to bring up a sore subject."

Lucas chuckles heartily, his head shaking, "It's not sore, just embarassing…" A shake of his head, "…everyone's got their moments they don't like to think about, darlin'. That's one of mine."

With a sigh, Daniel pushes himself upright. "Well, I ought to get back and do some work tonight, while it is fresh. Probably plenty left on what I gave barkeep, so keep it up, drinks on me till it ends. A pleasure to talk to you both…"

"Sorry, still." With a nod to Daniel, Abilene makes about getting ready to leave, too. She had her drink and now she should get ready to head home. Her mother is going to kill her if she ever finds out about this. And will still kill her for her now burned clothes. "Thanks for the drink," she tells the man. "I should be going, too. I…should go clothes shopping."

As his drinking partners depart, Lucas offers then a more rueful smile - raising up the bottle in a salute, "G'night, then. Watch your backs out there, both of you…"

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