27 Mar 2010 : Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours
Summary: After Nora is shot, Abilene visits her in the hospital.
Date: March 27th
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Twenty four hours after the four horsemen rode into town, Nora Tidwell is laid up in a hospital bed, the equipment in the room letting out reassuring beeps every now and then. There's an IV stuck into one arm, presumably responsible for the girl's somewhat blissful expression as she reclines on the bed. Of course, she's looked better; getting shot in the chest, no matter what anyone says, always leaves you a little worse for wear. But if anyone would be up to greeting her visitors with a smile, it's Nora.

It's not every day that the four horsemen come riding into town and shoot things up. Including her only real friend left in town. With a small cone of flowers, there's a shy knock on the door to Nora's room and then after a requisite amount of time waiting, Abilene's pale face peeks through the door. Before speaking, she checks to see if the woman she came to visit is even awake. Either way, she's going to tip-toe into the room and shut the door quietly behind her.

Nora lolls her head to the side with a wide grin for her friend at the door, raising her hand in as enthusiastic a wave as she can manage. "Abby," she says, her tone unintentionally conspiratorial, her eyes bright as she beckons the woman over to the bed. "You came to see me!" Her eyes go a little wide then, and she adds: "Who got you the flowers?"

"Of course I did!" Abilene walks faster so that she's by Nora's bedside. She doesn't have a vase or anything to put them in yet, so she just grasps onto them tightly for the time being. "You got all…injured and stuff! What happened?" As for the flowers, she blinks and looks down at them, then back at Nora. "Well…I got the flowers. They're for you." That makes the woman pause and then look curiously at Nora. "You're on a lot of drugs right now, aren't you?"

"I think so," Nora whispers in reply to Abilene, as if it were something to be ashamed of, her eyes still wide. "I figure it's probably what they do for anyone who's been shot." Which apparently reminds her of something, because she cranes her neck a bit, adopting a very matter of fact tone as she says, "I got shot. Right here!" She gestures vaguely to her chest. "She wanted to take Taffy an' I told her no."

Yes, Nora is definitely on drugs. "Th-then, yeah, I imagine there're drugs involved." Awkwardly, Abilene puts the flowers down on the token nightstand by the other woman's bed. Giving them over may just end up with them in a sad fate. The red-head's face is genuinely shocked and worried at the declaration. "What happened? Why did that do that?"

Dropping her hand back to the bed beside her with a thud, Nora settles her head against the pillow and lets out a sigh. "Couldn't tell you," she replies with a sad, slow shake of her head. "Nothin' makes sense no more, Abby. Wasn't three weeks ago I figured the world was all are plain as Blue Earth and then next thing you know there's people who can look like anyone, horses with glowin' eyes, vampires, only I ain't seen those yet so maybe that one ain't what I think it is, but I'm pretty sure I know." Turning her head so that she can look back to Abby now, she asks, "You ever seen anythin' like that?"

"You saw a vampire?" That's actually something that Abilene has not seen. She's heard of them, read about them in her parents' books, but not seen for herself. For all her charge of being a private investigator of the weird, she actually hasn't seen all that much of it. "Well, the world still kinda makes sense, doesn't it? Just 'cause there's all this other not so plain stuff, doesn't mean it's all bad. Just…different." At the direct question, the red head shrugs. "Well, yeah, I mean, sort of? Not vampires or anything. I haven't been shot before, either."

Tipping her chin down, Nora looks up at Abilene with a teasingly skeptical look, raising a brow. "You been keepin' secrets from me, Abby?" She doesn't sound particularly offended, though that may change once she's sobered up from her medication. "Johnny went and brought 'em straight to my house," she explains in her exaggerated whisper. "I never saw 'em though, he just says they was there." Pause. "Maybe he just wanted breakfast." Another pause, wherein she frowns deeply. "That liar."

"…Johnny did what? Lied about what?" This is seriously disjointed and Abilene is trying to piece it together. "You never saw who?" It's not like this is exactly a case for the woman, but she certainly wants to know who shot her friend and make sure they've been taken care of so they can't do anything like it again. "Not exactly, Nora. Just, I mean, you never asked if I could do any sort of magic or anything. So, wasn't like I was keeping it a secret." She just…wasn't broadcasting it. Right?

In the long pause that ensues, Nora seems to be thinking very seriously about what Abilene says, brow furrowed and gaze distant. Finally, she bursts into giggles, trying halfheartedly to lift one hand to cover her mouth and stifle them. "You can do magic?" Oh, boy. What's especially unfortunate about this conversation is that there's a strong likelihood that Abilene is going to need to do this a second time before Nora will actually remember what they've talked about. "Oh! You ain't heard nothin' about them riders comin' back today, did you? They said they'd be back in the mornin'."

The giggles makes Abilene blush furiously. Yeah, it sounds stupid. She realizes that it sounds like she can pull bunnies out of top hats or something, but she was serious. "Well, yeah, I mean, sort of. I mean, don't say it like that." She knows it's the drugs talking, but it's still embarrassing to be laughed at. "No, I didn't hear anything about that."

"Didn't mean no offense by it, Abilene, just that— oh! We should tell the sheriff!" Nora moves as if to sit up, then winces at the resistance from her body, the pain that flares despite her medication. "Ow." Slowly lowering herself back down onto the bed the way she'd been before, the girl looks to Abilene with a sheepish expression. "Alright, so maybe you oughta tell the sheriff. If no one has. And… oh. I guess he probably already knows, huh? Seein' as I was shot and all. But he oughta know about that glowin' eye thing. I hope someone told him that."

Startled, Abilene takes a quick step forward in an attempt to keep Nora from sitting up. Luckily, she doesn't have to do much and the other girl's injury is enough to keep her in bed. "D-don't do that!" She warns. That's not a good thing for injured people to do. "I…I think he knows, Nora. I'll talk to him, though. Make sure he's doing something about that…uh, glowing eye thing." And, really, she will talk to the Sheriff, but she thinks she'll leave out the glowing eye thing for now.

"You— you think you could do me a favour, Abby?" This is the most interaction Nora has had since she was shot, and with each passing minute, she's beginning to seem much more tired. Fixing her friend with an imploring look, she asks, "You think maybe you could watch Taffy for me? You can take her to your house or stay at the farm, just— I ain't got no one else to look after her, and I don't wanna ask Johnny, seein' as I don't want him havin' the run of my house while I ain't around."

"Anything, Nora." What else can she say when her friend is laid up in bed and has been shot in the chest, to boot? She could have died! The thought shakes Abilene up. "Of course." She's not really good with dogs, but she'll try for Nora's sake. Plus, it would have the added bonus of being able to escape her parents' house for a little while. "Don't worry, I understand. And I'll make sure he doesn't have the run of anything while you're gone."

"Careful," Nora whispers, her level stare evidently meant to be taken very seriously. "Johnny's sneaky. Sometimes he ain't even himself." She slides her hand along the bed as if she might be reaching for Abilene's own, though it doesn't make it. Another bright smile finds its way to her face. "Thanks for comin' to see me, Abilene. Only been here a day and it gets awful lonely."

Abilene isn't quite sure what Nora means be that. She'll just assume it means he hopefully turns into a nicer person after drinking a lot. But, she's seen him drink a lot and that didn't change anything about his personality. "I'll be careful," she assures her friend. Then, taking her hand, she smiles. "'Course I came to see you. I can stay as long as you want, too." That's the good thing about not really having a job to speak of at the moment. It makes it easier to drop everything and stay with a friend in need.

Smiling as her friend takes her hand, Nora replies quietly, "That'd be nice. You're all the family I've got." Her hand closes just enough to squeeze Abilene's, her eyes drifting closed as she yawns. "Just stay until I fall asleep, alright?" A request which, judging from her struggle to keep her eyes open, won't be hard for Abilene to fulfil.

"Well, if that's the case, you've got my momma for family, too. And that may be more family than you need." While she says that, Abilene does love her mother. It's just that the woman can be awfully intimidating. She squeezes those fingers gently back and just stays where she is. "I will." And though it may not be long before the other woman falls asleep, she'll even stay past that.

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