20000 BCE - The first migration of humans crosses the land bridge into North America at what is now the Bering Strait.
13000 BCE - The last ice age in North America ends, stabilizing the climate.
8000 BCE - The Na-Dene people reach central North America. They are the ancestors of the Apache and the Navajo.
1000 AC - The Mohave come to occupy the land between the pillars of the First House of Mutavilya to the Quechan Valley. The modern day location is roughly the area located between the Hoover Dam in Nevada and the Parker Dam in California.
1492 AC - Christopher Columbus makes his first voyage and in so doing changes the fate of the inhabitants of North America forever.
1650 AC - The first attempt to found missions in Pimeria Alta (the American Southwest, specifically Arizona) is lead by the Franciscan fathers.
1672 AC - The spanish mission is founded at what will become Blue Earth.
1700 AC - The fathers at the spanish mission are discovered massacred. The local native american tribes are blamed. The mission remains abandoned until the territory changes hands from Mexico to the United States in 1848.
1848 AC - Blue Earth is founded when a rich copper vein is discovered in hills near the town. It takes it's name from the blue color of the metal in the soil.
1850 AC - The first brothel in Blue Earth is established and is run by a woman named Virgina Bennett, a English immigrant. She is popular with the majority male townsfolk as one of the only unmarried white women in the area and starts hiring girls in San Francisco to work in her establishment.
1859 AC - Virginia Bennett is found mysteriously murdered in her private rooms, rocking the community to it's core. No suspect is ever named in the murder.
1861 AC - The Civil War begins. Nevada's populace, not yet a state, sides with the Union. Many young men from Blue Earth head off to the War and production from the mine dips.
1864 AC - Nevada becomes a state and helps vote Abraham Lincoln to a second term.
1865 AC - The Civil War ends and as Blue Earth's young men return, the production from Blue Earth's mine goes back up.
1914 AC - World War I begins, copper production is sped up.
1918 AC - World War I ends, copper production enters a slump.
1925 AC - The original copper vein nears depletion. The town, population 50000 by this point, starts to steadily deflate.
1932 AC - Construction begins on the Hoover Dam.
1935 AC - Construction of the Hoover Dam is completed.
1941 AC - Japan attacks the United States at Pearl Harbor. Shortly afterwards, the United State enters World War II.
1942 AC - Many Navajo enter the US Military as Code Talkers.
1945 AC - World War II ends.
1951 AC - A desolate stretch of land 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas is chosen as a nuclear testing site. While a majority were underground tests, a hundred were above ground and could be seen from Las Vegas (and Blue Earth as well).
1970 AC - One of the smaller mining operations still working what's left of the copper vein loses ten workers. All of the mines are permanently closed because of concerns over safety.
1985 AC - The local high school closes due to lack of funding. All school age children begin attending the county schools.

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