Theme & Setting

Blue Earth

Welcome to beautiful Blue Earth, Nevada.
Population: Approximately 3,500. Main Import: Liquor. Main Export: Corpses. Coincidence? We'd like to think so.

The small town of Blue Earth is located approximately 100 miles North of Las Vegas, Nevada along US Route 95. To most natives, it's just a quirky little stop on the way to the glitz and lights of the strip. There's very little of note here, save a delicious little diner, the tiniest little gas station you ever saw, and a lot of green grass. It's kind of odd, if you stop to think about it, just how lush and green the area is, compared to the rest of Nevada. It's barely a blip on the map, though, and ground water hardly a resort makes. Almost no one stops here out of anything other than desperation for a burger, or a serious complication after one too many energy drinks on the highway. That's right, tourists only stop in Blue Earth to tinkle or snack. On the wrong day, at the wrong hour, sometimes they become the snack. We don't put that on the brochures. Not that we have brochures. If we had brochures, we definitely wouldn't bold-print that little piece of local color.

Once upon a time, around the turn of the century (er, the last one, around 1900), this little patch of oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert, was a booming little mining town. A copper rich mine nearby, just north of the lake and Reservation lands, served to bolster the economy, and brought in a lot of jobs. For many years, the residents prospered. But then the mine closed up and the company pulled out. The company said the copper supply had run dry (1970). The town economy faltered, and almost collapsed. More people left. No other companies would come in and contract, and it all just faded into the memory of the town. Strange things, you see, have always happened here.

For a couple of hundred years, nothing but strange occurrences and mysterious deaths surrounded the lush little patch of land. It's for that reason that a lot of folk never stuck around long enough to settle. The original founding families, five of them, were deemed a little bit insane when they put down stakes, back in the late 1700s, well before the official founding in 1848. The dates are all a little fuzzy, as is the land ownership, and the stories from exactly what went on back then. The land was contested for a while, though the seemingly supernatural infestation of the land drove many away. Eventually, the word 'curse' was bandied about. It wasn't until the early 1800s that folks began to forget.

Fast forward to present day, and all that just seems like a run of bad luck. The tiny town is down and out and off the fast track by quite a measure. Still, the people who live here are resilient. They put down roots, and they put them down deep. Sometimes people die. Sometimes the county EMS can't respond in time to make it out to one of the three counties they serve. Somehow, Blue Earth often gets the short end of the stick. By and large, the town's residents band together, but they can be a little wary of outsiders.

The majority of the town doesn't really believe in the supernatural, per se. Unless, of course, that are supernatural themselves, or just ran afoul of too many weird things. Lately, though, weird stuff has been on the rise. And it's getting hard to blame every occasional cattle mutilation on coyote…


Blue Earth is an original supernatural/horror themed MUSH that borrows from several contemporary settings. The town is a small po-dunk little western town plunked in the middle of Nevada's deserts and desolate grounds. It's a tiny oasis built atop rich aquifers, and carries with it a large convergence of ley lines (convergences of mystical energy).

It is both a little quirky, hard luck town, and a setting for beasties and witches and trolls and creepy crawly stuff that goes bump in the night. We're quite open to various types of pitches. This isn't a high tech sort of game, or one that relies heavily on aliens (we really don't plan to address them just yet, but it's flexible. Maybe one day!) Vampires exist. Werewolves prowl here. Yeah, trolls too, and goblins, probably. Maybe even a mutant sand worm. It's not all goofy and strange, we like some dark and gritty with our LOLs, thanks.


Blue Earth takes its inspiration from several sources. Some which you may be familiar with are as follows: Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files, Charlaine Harris' The Southern Vampire Mysteries (aka True Blood), Supernatural, and Angel, as well as the real world myths and stories of the Native American and Norse peoples. That said, this game is an original world. Just because vampires burst into dust and flame in sunlight in Buffy doesn't mean that's the case here. In fact, using the vampire as an example, no two vampires may even be similar in our game world. There are many vampire mythologies and each vampire might belong to a different one. We encourage creativity (and mock overused and unoriginal concepts).

OOC Atmosphere

Think of Blue Earth as an opportunity for mature roleplayers to show off their creativity and quirkiness. We have a stat system, we have +sheets, and yeah, we have a combat system. We do not rely on these items, and trust our players to conduct themselves in a fair, mutually amusing manner. That is to say we adore freeform RP. Dice are for fun, for randomizing. We're roleplayers, not +roll players.

That said, our app process is a round table discussion staff side. We weigh each +sheet against the backgrounds that were submitted, our theme, other people already approved, and try to slot people in with reasonable stats where they seem to want to go by their backgrounds. We will do our best to help you build the character you want, that makes sense within the game.

If you find the game unsuitable to your play style, please consider it an opportunity to move on and find something better, rather than wedging yourself into a place you feel uncomfortable in any way. We hope you enjoy the little world we've begun, and that you will help us make it that much more rich.


The game is set in 1-to-1 time with the real world. it is present day. Complicated, right?

Note: Importance of Themely Apps

Blue Earth is intended to be a unique slice of Americana. As such and given it's relatively remote and desolate setting, we will not accept apps that do not fit in said setting.


  • A white trash waitress, at the local diner, who fights the forces of darkness when the sun sets.
  • A Native American tour guide who communes with the spirits on the weekends.
  • An old Vietnam War veteran who has found a new calling in tracking murderous shapeshifters and collecting bounties on them.

Does not fit:

  • A dapper french werewolf who bought a mansion nearby.
  • Fetishized asian teenage ninja gymnast sharpshooters in schoolgirl outfits.
  • Super rich playboy assassin batman types.

Remember, we're here to tell a story together, not participate in a wank fest. If your character does not fit within the theme, don't expect it to be approved. If there is some sort of question in your head as to whether it will fit, it most likely won't, but do ask staff if you have any questions as to what will or won't fit.

Note: Magic

Magic and the unexplained are a large part of this game. Characters are largely supernatural in origin. Weird shit <tm> happens. When writing up your character, please be sure to include limitations and weaknesses along with your awesome powers, so we can better judge the level of hilarity vs twinkery when reviewing your app. When hilarity wins, the app is approved.

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