The Santos have been in the town since it was nothing more than a collection of tents hunkered down in the sandy soil, full of scrub and coyote. It's known that there has been at least one Santo in Blue Earth since the town was named, for the last few hundred years. A rumor has developed, over the years, that there must always be one in town for the town to flourish, as it does, against all odds, an oasis in the middle of the dry, dusty desert.

The family has run through many businesses in times of plenty and in times of hardship, but has never turned away a fellow townie asking for a helping hand. The family estate is one of the largest in the tiny town (not that that's saying a lot considering the size of the town itself). It is rumored to be haunted, and most of the current residents remember tales of the old lady, Lucy Santo, who lived there (just recently deceased). Ring and runs were a yearly occurrence on Halloween. At least two children are reported to never have returned again.

Though these sorts of rumors and tales persist, it's known by the elders of the little burg that the Santo family can always be called on for assistance. (The only living member currently within the city limits is learning this the hard way, one 3am phone call at a time. She has no idea how they got her cell phone number…)

Despite the children's stories, many of the residents knew Lucy Santo as a kind old woman, particularly sweet to those in need. She made no distinction between townie and grifter passing through, greeting each person who came across her path recently. Why she left her home and lands to a never-seen, distant relative is a mystery to the town.

Recent Events

In late January, Haven Kelly (a member of a different branch of the Santo familia) finally began moving into the house, just in time for Mia Renaud to show up, wondering what was going on with her adopted Auntie's estate…

Family Members

Blue Earth Santo Familia
Lucy Santo: aka 'Tia' (auntie). The recently deceased old lady of the Santo house.
* Lucia Santo:
* Roberto Santo: Lucy's only son. He blew town for Vegas as soon as he convinced (and waited for) Haven to show up. (NPC)
* Mia Renaud:

Madrid/Other American Santo Familia
Morena Santo: Haven's mother — 49, a painter from Madrid, Spain, currently living in Santa Fe, NM. (NPC)
* Haven Kelly (Santo) - 28, EMT paramedic, arrived in Blue Earth after Tia's (Lucy) death.
* Tobias Dominic Kelly (Santo) - 30, Tattoo Artist, living in Chicago. (NPC)

Santo Estate

The Santo estate is a 10 acre patch of land, mostly green, atop a major aquifer in the area, which supplies much of the town's ground water. The two story house is a six bedroom farmhouse, with a large library of unusual books, and an attached greenhouse. It is situated behind the Grifter's Fall Cemetery, and the quickest way to the front door is through the large resting place for the town's deceased. Some of the graves date back to the 1800s, giving visitors plenty of interesting stones and epitaphs to ponder on their walk…

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