02 Feb 2010 : Rocksalt
Summary: Clearly distracted, but she won't admit it, Tess darn near shoots Zeke then they get all talkative like it never happened.
Date: 02/02/2010
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Just another day at Zeke's place. The store's quiet - no surprise in a dying/half dead town really. There's one or two customers, one in hardware, and one in the dry-goods part of the store. Zeke's sitting on a stool behind the counter flipping through a copy of the most recent Car and Driver, idly glancing around the store from time to time.

The back door of the shop is opened cautiously, seeing as it wasn't locked as tightly as Tess left it the previous evening. Frowning to herself, she proceeds cautiously into the backroom. It's a few moments before she takes the suspicious situation into her own mitts. "Hands up where I can see 'em!," bellows an authoritive female voice from the back of the store, accompanied by the audible chkchk of a shotgun being readied. Shotgun leading the way, she steps out into the shop floor.

Zeke sighs and shakes his head, doesn't even look up from the magazine. "Tess, you'll spooke the payin' customers if you're not careful." One of the customers has in fact skittered out, the other one doesn't seem phased in the least.

"Zeke!? Well HELL boy, you shoulda told me that you were gonna open the place today! Damn near spooked me with the door unlocked n'all," Tess says in her bossiest, most mother hen way of chastising. The shotgun shells are popped out expertly and pocketed. A glance is shot towards the customer who skittered off. "They'll be back later. We don't got too many stores in this town." Shouldering the shotgun, she moves behind the counter and gives Zeke a grin, "How the hell you doing today?"

Laughing, Zeke shakes his head. "When /don't/ I open, Tess? Unless I'm at the track and leaving it with you that is. And I'm doin' alright - slow day, no surprise there. You?"

Tess rolls her eyes, and doesn't admit this is her bad in for some reason forgetting about this. The shotgun is stowed beneath the counter before she makes herself comfortable. "Just fine. That boy of mine called to tell me about a scrape he and my husband got themselves into on the road. They were being damn fools, but I'm glad they're alright."

"Oh gods, what'd they do this time, dare I ask?" He wanders over to the coffee pot he keeps behind the counter and pours a cup; "You want any?"

"Drivin' faster than any sane person oughta in the mountains," Tess practically snarls, leaning in against the counter. Of course she doesn't say why. "Can that coffee get up and walk by itself? If so, hell yeah I'll have a cup."

"I made it, you tell me." Zeke grins and pours her a cup, handing it over. "And where in the hell were they /this/ time?" Mountains - that could be damn near anywhere.

Tess takes the cup, not bothering to put milk or sugar in. Coffee should be black and can be walked upon. Or at least that's how it was taken in her household and how she thinks it should be! "This'll do Zeke just fine. Oh those fool boys," yes her husband is referred to as 'boy', "were speeding with a delivery towards Idaho Springs, Colorado."

"Oh gods. They okay?" Zeke asks as she settles back onto his stool, closing his magazine for now.

"Just scraped up, and they better be glad that's all that's wrong, otherwise I'd peel the skin from their bodies and finish the job," Tess says before taking a chug of her coffee. "I may box their ears for good measure when they're done with this haul and get back home. Although knowing them, they'll take another job to give me more time to change my mind."

Zeke laughs; "Or just hide from you till you cool down. That's what I'd do." He shakes his head laughing. "Gotta admit though - like father, like son."

Despite the bluster, Tess is glad they're okay, and it's her way of worrying. "Afraid of me too, huh Zeke?" she teases with a smirk over the rim of her cup. Then there's another roll of the eyes, "You have no idea. Sometimes I can't tell those two apart when they act up."

Zeke is still chuckling and just can't resist; "I just hope you don't go home in one of your come-n-get-it moods and get 'em mixed up. You'd traumatize the poor kid for life." He winks at her, very obviously kidding.

"Hell, if that boy hadn't been traumatized yet.." Tess starts, but doesn't finish. Sometimes it's hard to admit that her boy isn't a boy anymore. Plus if she traumatized anyone in the household, it was likely her daughter. "If I get 'em mixed up, it's their own damn fault, and I'm pretty sure they both done something to deserve it."

Zeke laughs more and shakes his head; "You could always go on the road /with/ them for a trip - and take the shotgun.

Tess coughs some on her cup of coffee and shakes her head, "Hell no. I already done that for awhile with Bo. I like staying put now, thanks. My ass is too old to go trucking all over the country."

Sipping at his coffee; Zeke grins. "You sure? I'll give ya the time off. Get out, see somethin' beyond the flats here…" He winks though… it's obvious he knows she doesn't want to leave.

"Already done plenty of that. 'Sides, you need me to scare the riff raff and tourists," Tess says matter of factly. "Can you believe some fancy tourists from Phoenix who was passing through asked me to aim my gun at their camera for a photo? They thought it was funny when their boy was trying to pocket some candy. Said this place was all quaint. 'Course if I had of fired off some buckshot, they woulda thought better."

Zeke chuckles to that; "Well it /is/ kinda quaint Tess. I keep it that way. I /could/ modernize it and all but why? And /rocksalt damnit woman, /rocksalt!"

"You ever been shot in the ass with rocksalt?," Tess asks in a tone that suggests she can remedy this if the answer is no. "Damn uppity city folk. Quaint, my ass. You'd think they never saw a redneck with a gun before."

Zeke snickers; "Tess? Listen to what you just said. Most of them /haven't/. Geebus woman, you realzie how many people live in Vegas and have never been more than 10 miles outside town??"

"Like I care. Folk oughta stay put," Tess says stubbornly as another gulp of coffee is taken. "Chasin' after rainbows they aren't gonna catch." So says the woman that followed a man out of town for a few years before coming back.

Zeke nods and decides to leave that alone for now. "So what else is news with you? Any new gossip from around town?"

Tess shifts a little in place against the counter. The coffee is swirled around a little in her cup, "Not much else.. although I did hear tell that Kathleen girl down the street got herself in trouble by a boy at her school. I swear, dunno what was going through their heads." Since the news got to Tess by a roundabout way, it could be there's no truth to this at all.

Nodding Zeke says; "And how much were /you/ thinking at their age again? Shoulda been using something, I grant you, but… kids are gonna be kids. s'why I sell condoms to 'em, even if their parents get pissed."

"You oughta be ashamed of that, Zeke. I got half a mind to put you over my knee for that," Tess admonishes with a wagging finger and stern mama glare. "They shouldn't even be foolin' around, and don't you go dragging me into this, I waited until I was plenty old enough!"

Mock biting at the wagging finger, Zeke grins; "And how old was that exactly, Tess?" He shakes his head, chuckling at her.

"You and Dobson both, you rascals, no manners at all when asking probing questions of women," Tess says and when Zeke mock bites at her finger, she turns and makes a move to swat at him.

Zeke laughs; "Only because you got all judgemental and uppity - I just wanted to remind you that you were young once too."

"I ain't uppity and judgemental, I'm just speaking my mind," Tess says, refusing to see it the way Zeke is seeing it. "I'm as old as these hills, I weren't never young once."

Zeke just chuckles. "As you say, Grandmother. As you say."

Tess swells up like a bullfrog and nearly chucks the content of her cup at Zeke, "Grandmother!?" Looks like she's gonna be spluttering incoherently for a few now. Her kids BETTER not procreate! They're too young, they aren't allowed!

Zeke manages to dodge the contents of the coffee cup, probably having anticipated what was going to happen. He grins, watching her, and just says one word. "Gotcha."

"BOY. I oughta skin you and hang it up as a warning to others!" Good thing Tess ain't gonna grab her shotgun and aim it at her boss and mayor. Again. *cough* "You're lucky you just need me so much around this here store."

"Yeah, I reckon I am at that.", Zeke says with a grin. "You do keep this place going."

"Hmph, damn straight and don't you forget it," Tess says with a note of finality and delivers a poke at Zeke's chest. "Now. What'd you break so far today that you need me to fix?"

Chuckling a bit Zeke points to the door; "Bubba Wilson was in here earlier, broke that top hinge again. You wanna take a look at it?"

"Oh hell. Was that sumbitch drunk again? I done told him.." Tess growls as she stomps out from behind the counter to get some tools to work with.

Nodding again, Zeke sighs; "Drunk to the kills. If that fatass doesn't learn to stay home, I'm gonna start charging him for 'em."

"Hell, I woulda charged him before now, you're just too damn nice," Tess grumps as she sets to work, muttering heavily drunk old fools who don't realize that's just what they are.

"That's just because you're getting fussy. You're s'posed to /mellow/, Tess.. like a fine wine, remember?" Zeke grins at her, amused.

"I'll give you a fine wine and show you mellow!" Tess hollers unnecessarily as she waggles a large screwdriver at Zeke. "Now shush and let me work if you want this door fixed." Then she mutters audibly, "Gonna go by Bubba's house and give him what for later.."

Zeke chuckling a bit, Zeke just looks at her and says; "Need more power?"

"No, I got this fine, you just hush and run your store," Tess says sharply as she works on fixing the busted hinge.

Chuckling, Zeke gets out the pushbrom and dustpan, and starts making a pass around the store. "May be green right here, but that damn desert is close enough that my gods, the dust."

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