We have an alt limit of 2. Players may create their first bit, then must wait a minimum of 1 RL month before apping their alt. All alts requests are subject to approval based on activity and commitment level necessitated by the character (demanding positions like Sheriff or Mayor would be looked at more closely). If said activity and commitment level drops, the player of the character may be asked to step aside in favor of someone else or it'll be handled ICly (by removal of the character from their IC position). Do not share information between alts. If, for some reason, your alts end up in the same room, remove one as soon as possible. Please alt responsibly.


We have one rule and that's pretty much that we expect you to behave with common human decency. If at any time you violate this rule, expect to be called to task for it.

To wit: Do not be a dick. Do not be a troll. Do not be a dicky troll. Do not treat people like crap. Do not act like anyone on the game was put there to serve you or take abuse from you. Neither of these things are true.

Dickery IC is fine, so long as it fits with your character concept. Dickery OOC is not.

Building & Objects

Our grid is a small one. All builds are subject to staff approval. If you need to build a residence or business, please submit a +request with the number of rooms you'd like and the purpose behind the build. Someone will get with you on that!

We don't support a lot of objects. Please don't clutter the grid. Please do not make puppets and set them around spying on rooms. Puppets will be nuked.


Blue Earth is a non-consent game. You will be held accountable for your actions. ICA=ICC. Every effort will be made to warn you when your character is entering into a possible PK (Player Kill) situation. We will not kill you. You will kill you.

This game uses the FS3 system of conflict resolution. This involves rolling of the traits and attributes that players setup in character generation on an even die with multipliers. If you are KO'd in combat, it does not necessarily mean you die in combat. But, if you repeatedly +hero and eat multiple KOs, you could die. See the combat files for more on this.

Players are encouraged to work things out amongst themselves when IC conflicts arise, but are always welcome to call in staff to mediate if disputes arise.


Our idle policy for approved characters is a 30 day idle. If you are missing for more than 2 weeks, we reserve the right to NPC your character as needed. 30 days means your character is turned over to staff or the player base to use as needed, and your character may be altered or even killed should it come up in plot. If you know you're going to be away for a period of time, +request to staff so we can set a vacation flag on your bit to prevent idle desting. As always, decompile your character for your own records.

If you idle out, you may re-app your character at staff discretion. When in doubt, ask.

Unapproved characters hanging out in cGen for more than 2 weeks are subject to an idle purge. Please do not go in unless you're prepared to write out and submit an alt for approval.


The definition of a non-player character (or NPC) is any character in the game that is @emitted rather than going through Chargen.

We encourage all players to make frequent use of NPCs throughout your roleplay. Remember that your characters are not acting in a vacuum. The world goes on around them even as they're doing their thing. If you're roleplaying a heated argument, someone should pose people scurrying by, trying to keep out of harm's way, or stopping to stare at the spectacle. If there's a brawl going on and no police PCs are around, someone should pose NPC police officers coming to break up the fight (though ICly in Blue Earth this might take longer than in a bigger city).

Many NPCs become recurring characters, developing backstories and personalities. For these prominent NPCs, it is considered poor form to do anything drastic to them without the permission of the player who created them.

NPCs can be used as sources of information for events posted in news articles, RP logs or gossip posts that you feel your character would know about ICly. For example: If the Town Hall explodes, or if Cousin Judy Smith and Bobby Lee were necking on the hood of the Mayor's car, you can safely assume that you heard about it through the grapevine from other NPCs. However, this privilege should not be abused. If in doubt, contact staff (via +request) to make sure your character would know about the incident in question.

Players are welcome to give names to NPCs. However, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Try to avoid naming 'unique' NPCs unless absolutely necessary to leave room for people to fill roles available.
  • Try to avoid naming ALL the NPCs in the organization. Leave room for new players!

Note: The term "staff-run NPC" can also refer to a character that has gone through chargen (like any other character) but is played collectively by the staff rather than by any individual player.


Please refer to the above section labeled Behavior. People who cannot follow the simple rule stated there will be dealt with via sitebanning.

Tinyplots & Player Run Plots (TPs & PRPs)

Players are encouraged to run their own plots (commonly called Tinyplots or TPs).

Obtain staff approval BEFORE running a plot. All plots must be pitched to staff before running to assure no conflicts with current arcs/timelines/resources/etc. Plots that impact the game in a major way are scrutinized more closely. Some examples include, but are not limited to anything that will unsettle the town, destroy massive amounts of property, kill off lots of NPCs, bring the Feds in, etc.

  • Notify other players of plots that affect them. You can use the public bulletin boards or the mail system. Mailing lists are a great way to keep the necessary groups informed.
  • Keep the plot in-theme and at least reasonably realistic.
  • Players are allowed to run plots involving their own characters, but please be reasonable. Nobody wants to be a spectator to watching your PC swoop in and save the day.

The staff is available to assist you. You can submit a +request to have the staff run a scene, run NPCs for a scene, or just to request approval for a scene that you wish to run yourself.

You need to fill out the following guideline to give staff some idea of what you'd like to see/run.

Who: Who will be involved? What PCs and NPCs? Who is the villain/culprit? Who will run the scene? You or staff?
What: What will happen? Possible property damage? Zombies raised? Attacks?
Where: Where does the scene take place? Zeke's General Store? The Ranch?
When: What date and time does this happen? Does anything else have to happen first?
Why: What's the purpose? Did the stress of being out of work finally get to Old Joe on the last barstool on the left, causing him to go bonkers and vandalize the town square with pink ladies underwear? If there's a culprit, possible clues to their identity can go here.

  • Remember, when crafting a plot, that if the perp isn't caught on the scene that there should always be some way for the players to start tracking them down.


Over time, characters gain experience that can help them to improve existing skills or learn new ones. This is reflected through Experience Points (XP).

In the FS3 system, there are three guiding principles:

XP reflects IC growth and development, and should NEVER be granted as an OOC reward for noms, plots, etc. This leads down a dark path of skill inflation, inequality between old/new players, and cliques.

Raising skills takes a looooooooonnnnngggg time. After all, it took your character his whole life to get the skills he has today - why should they change drastically overnight?
You can't raise attributes. These reflect abilities your character is born with. You either have them or you don't.

You receive one XP per month.

Skill levels 1-3 cost 1 XP each
Skill levels 4 and higher cost 6XP each.
Skill levels 7 and higher cost 12XP each.
Further XP may be awarded on a case by case basis where intensive roleplay and teaching has been demonstrated (such as in a training environment like military basic training.)

In order to receive a raise, please +request with the raise you would like, as well as the reasons you feel it is justified. All spends are subject to staff review.

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