Places Of Note
Place Location Caretaker Description & Associates
Main Street Judah Laughing Dog The Church used to be a Dominican mission known as Santo Jeronimo De La Montana. It was said a small cloisters of nuns ended up taking over the mission with the one head monk. A nun got pregnant "somehow" and then "disappeared." her ghost is reported to haunt the mission do this day. As for present time news? The Church is run by the Epsicopal church and is lovingly referred to by locals as Saint Geronimo's given that the head Priest is Native American. As such they hold bingo once a month, and do split services.
Main Street Charlie The Rock Bottom Saloon is the one and only saloon within the town limits (there's another, shittier saloon on the Res.) It serves a lot of bottom shelf liquor, with a few mid-range items for special customers (those willin' to pay are the special ones).
Main Street TBA The local radio station is called Blue Earth Radio. It's one of the few stations that comes in way out here, and it serves the populace with a morning show from 5a - 9a, with music throughout the day, and special shows throughout. On the weekends, things get a little crazy.
Crying Mountain Reservation TBA Founded in 1860 this became a home for the defeated Mohave Indians in Nevada. Though some would be sent on to Fort Mojave, the majority would remain. As it stands they say there are big things on the res, which people do not know of, or talk about. Something about the mountains they are butted up against. Either way locals either go in for cheap cigarettes, gambling, or other nefarious purposes which can be found at the Cryin' Shame bar on the res. Noteable members of the res are: Judah Laughing Dog, .
Ghost Creek Ranch Rafael Vargas Legend is that the river that runs through the Lewises' land, really more of a stream strictly speaking, was used to drown several men a couple of centuries ago. Back when Blue Earth was just a couple of tents and a mine shaft. Now it's just a common spot for the town's token Wiccans to flock to once a month or so, and the occasional child or animal to fall into. Jolie used to keep a marshing pole around for just that reason.
Placeholder TBA Placeholder.
Curl Up and Dye TBA Placeholder.
Stuff Patrick "Bart" Sinclair III This unassuming two-story building houses Stuff, the town pawnshop, a relatively new addition to the community. With erratic hours, an ever-changing inventory, and an owner steeped in mystery, even a casual visit can be "interesting".
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