Date Title Summary Participants
05.16.10 Broken Engagement A monster disturbs the peace at the late night Diner. Dobson & Mitchell
04.21.10 A Little More Conversation Abilene and Dobson have a night-time Diner chat. Abilene & Dobson
04.03.10 Stay At Home Mom Tess and Abilene go about shelling peas. Tess attempts to guilt Abilene into staying home forever. Abilene & Tess
03.28.10 Welcome to Blue Earth After Ghouls attack the cemetery and those in it, Abilene, Daniel and Lucas find they could really use a drink. Abilene, Daniel & Lucas
03.28.10 Black Sabbath A black wind blows through town and some people nearly get ate. Lots of people.
03.28.10 The Physics of Laundry Leng and Abilene meet at the laundromat. Abilene & Leng
03.27.10 Visiting Hours After Nora is shot, Abilene visits her in the hospital. Abilene & Nora
03.26.10 If the Horseshoe Fits The Horsemen roll into town. Lots of people.
03.21.10 Good for the Soul Nora and Dobson argue the pros and cons of starting over. Dobson & Nora
02.28.10 Seeing is Believing Dobson is a woman. A man. A woman. He's something, anyway. Dobson & Nora
02.27.10 What Friends are For Dobson shows up on Nora's doorstep in rough shape. She takes him in and soon discovers that he's either crazy or he led something right to her house. Dobson & Nora
02.25.10 Secrets Buried Some of Blue Earth's nightcrawlers encounter something they weren't expecting. Haven & Lucas & Mia & Zeke
02.15.10 Reunion Abilene returns to Blue Earth and reunites with friends at the Rock Bottom Saloon. Haven discovers her bar tab isn't quite what she was expecting. Abilene, Bart, Dobson, Haven, & Nora
02.12.10 Loose Dirt An earthquake wakes up something best left sleeping. Something that's real hungry. Benny & Haven & Mia
02.02.10 Life Coaching (by Johnny Dobson) Dobson chats up Nora and gives Benny some valuable life coaching. Benny & Dobson & Nora
02.02.10 Rocksalt Tess darn near shoots Zeke then they get all talkative like it never happened. Zeke & Tess
02.02.10 Rumors & Hangovers Mia and Haven learn a little more about each other over dinner and a hangover cure. Mia & Haven.
02.01.10 Late Night Visitor Haven gets friendly with a tequila bottle, then goes to see Judah. Haven & Judah.
01.31.10 Boxing Up Lucy Neighbors come together to remember an old lady. Haven, Benny, Mia, Dobson, & Vargas.
01.28.10 Dust Bunnies Benny puts in some face time at the church and the foul mouthed Reverend. Benny & Judah
01.27.10 Spin & Win & Bitch A polite interaction in the laundry turns less so when the Padre makes an appearance. Haven, Vargas, & Judah.
01.25.10 Another Day, Another Dollar A meeting of personalities in the Crossroads Diner Benny & Dobson & Haven & Vargas

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