26 Mar 2010 : If the Horseshoe Fits
If the Horseshoe Fits
Summary: The Horsemen come to town. Yes. THOSE Horsemen.
Date: March 26th, 2010
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It isn't quite dusk yet on a Friday night down on Main Street. As many people tend to do on this particular night of the week, a good portion of the town's population is turning out. Some are heading for the church for their dose of the gospel and some good fish fry, others are slipping off towards the bars to try and find company, booze, a dance partner and maybe a partner for the evening. And still others are just standing in small groups, talking about their week with friends with a good cold brew in one hand. Aside from some dust kicking in from the desert, the weather is pristine… neither too hot nor too cold and the moon has already risen despite the sun not having exited stage left yet. It sits in a blue sky that's deepening to violet with orange and pink tinges near the horizon.

It's just another night out of the office, after evening call. Mia's locked up the little doctor's office and is heading down Main Street with a purse slung over one shoulder, likely headed toward the bar, given the expression on her face. No, she's not gone full on honky tonk badonkadonk tonight, but she HAS taken a moment to fluff up her hair and put on some lip gloss. Bonfire of the vanities, clearly.

Nora has no grand plans for the evening. She's something of a homebody even on the best of nights. Tonight, as she jogs down Main Street, she is not out with friends, nor would her very casual attire suggest that she's headed to meet anyone. Ahead of her, off-leash, is the large mutt of a dog Nora's grandmother gave the highly respectable name 'Taffy.' And Nora is apparently chasing after her, waving the leash in her hand, trying to get the dog's attention with a loud whistle.

Driving along Main, Zeke sees Mia, rolls down the passenger window and wolf-whistles. "Heeey hotstuff. Goin' my way baby?"

Bart emerges from the Spin n' Win, though without any laundry bag to give a hint as to what he might have been doing there. He looks as incrutably neutral as always, jamming his hands into his pockets as he turns to head for the saloon. Given that his idea of socializing is usually to claim a table and wait for people to come to him, this is perfectly normal. He walks slowly, taking in the night atmosphere and the people doing their various things. Zeke's cat-call draws an arched eyebrow of amusement from him.

The wind kicks up some more dust in a swirl, forming a little dust devil that moves down Main Street northwards and in the distance to the south where it came from, what looks like a brown stain darkens the horizon. It'd be easy to ignore, but for the fact that it seems to be getting closer. At it's head, figures can be made out. Those with the sharpest eyes might make out more detail.

Mia glances over her shoulder and just quirks a brow at Zeke, grinning. "Meet me at the bar," she calls. "You're supposed to be settin' an example, Mayor. Not a -bad- one, either. I'm buying the drinks. You're getting dinner?" She glances down the street, briefly, nose crinkling a bit, though it's enough for her to catch sight of Nora and Bart, both of whom get a waved greeting.

Zeke chuckles and pulls over to park; "You got it, hon.", he calls back in reply and glances up. "Huh. Wonder what that is…"

When the dog wanders off the sidewalk and stops, distracted by something on the ground, Nora all but pounces on her to get her to stay still. Muttering something beneath her breath, she casts a quick glance around to assess just how many people witnessed this embarrassing display. As she clips the leash back on the dog's collar, Nora returns Mia's wave with a smile and a wave of her own, then rises to her feet again. The dust, for now, goes unnoticed.

Bart throws off a lazy wave/salute to Zeke and Mia in return, apparently amused by their display of… well, might as well call it affection. Distracted then by Nora's attempt to keep her Giant Ridiculous Dog under control, he doesn't pick up on the odd change in the air quite yet.

That brown smudge on the horizon resolves to a wall of dust being kicked up by one white speck and three black specks. As they near the town, it becomes much more obvious exactly what they are: horses. Or rather, more specifically, men riding on horseback. They're still too far away to be made out clearly, but they are garnering some attention now, mostly from the townsfolk still on Main Street, going about their business on a Friday night. A particularly bright gentleman, let's call him Billy Ray, opens his mouth and says, "I wonder if one of them is that horse with no name, like in that song. The one about America." He may or may not have a lit joint in his right hand.

"That's Taffy," Mia tells Zeke, clearly misunderstanding him. She gives the poor Mayor an odd look. "The dog's not THAT bad, Zeke. He's just a little on the large and enthusiastic side, but he minds Nora pretty well." Her bag shifts as she turns back to the riders. "Well shit. Me without my vet kit. If they need a vet, can you grab it out of the trunk, love, while I see what animal's hurt?" Apparently, in Mia's world, these things happen.

Suffice it to say that Taffy, said Giant Ridiculous Dog, does not particularly care for these horses. When the dog starts tugging at the leash, barking loudly at the horses and their riders, Nora gives her companion a look of alarm and confusion. "Taffy!" she says, though her tone is not all that scolding. "Hush!" But the dog doesn't hush, just keeps on barking, and Nora soon finds herself holding onto the leash with both hands to try and tug the dog in the opposite direction from the horsemen.

Even Bart can't miss a bunch of wannabe cowboys riding into town. Hey, it's Nevada, it's a perfectly legitimate mode of transportation. He furrows his brow, trying to make them out more clearly. "Hm," he states. "Not a lot of folk take their horsepower literally round here." He's close enough to Zeke and Nora and Mia that his words carry, just like he can pick up on theirs. "I'm thinking strangers." His tone suggests what he thinks of strangers, especially after the last batch he saw.

Zeke nods to Mia; "Yeah I got it." He hrms, looking at the oncoming riders as he moves to get Mia's bag. Nodding to Bart he watches the trio, curiously, and pauses to get something else out the the truck, slipping it inside his duster.

Leng walks onto Main Street from one of the side roads. He does not, for whatever reason, notice the horses that everyone is by now staring at. His general gait is towards the general store.

They're really moving, these horsemen (and women), and as they get closer it's easy to see that they are cowboys (and cowgirls). Or at least, they're dressed as such. The one on the white horse is a thin old man with a wispy beard and an equally white Stetson on his head, the others are dressed in blacks, browns and greys. The one in the lead is a large man that bristles with weaponry. Seriously, he has two six shooters, a Winchester Rifle in a holster on his saddle and a double-barrel shotgun slung over his shoulder. Of the other two, one is a rather sickly looking man with scabs on his face and hands. The other is a stunningly beautiful red-headed woman, fitted with a corset under her duster. Rather ominously, they come to a halt just south of the gas station near the end of Main Street… their horses eyes glowing a dim orange-red.

"Huh," Mia says quietly, head tilting a touch to one side. "Zeke? I get the distinct impression that they're not here for beer, dinner and a chat with the vet. Horse eyes aren't supposed to be that color, and damned if it isn't a bitch to ride with that kind of posture." She nods to the redhead. The doctor isn't bristling so much as her metaphorical tail is bottle-brushing.

Being new to the idea that the world is not as simple as she once believed, Nora doesn't immediately clue in that there is anything amiss with these horsemen. Colour is rising rapidly in her cheeks as her dog causes her more and more embarrassment with each bark, her knuckles white as she tries to coax the dog away from the scene, back to where her pickup is parked some distance down the street. "Come on," she whimpers, giving one more tug on the leash with a glance in Bart's direction. "See? It's like he said - they're strangers. On horses. You see 'em all the time, you silly— " And that's when Nora gives the horsemen a better look, the shift in expression suggesting she finally noticed the eyes. "— huh."

Keeping his voice low, Zeke notes to Mia; "Yeah. Somethin' ain't right.. that's for damn sure." He lets her see what's under the jacket, and hands her the bag he just grabbed. "Nora. Look closely… yeah."

"Oh, hell," comments Bart, taking in the details of the newcomers. "It's going to be one of those nights." His gaze flicks from side to side as he takes stock of his surroundings, drinking in any number of little things that might escape the casual passerby. The music drifting from the church, the way the dust swirls, the angle of the dying light. He pulls his hands from his pockets, fingers flexing briefly. Just like that, he's gone from quiet and neutral, to casually on-guard. He knows trouble when it shows up on the back of horses from Hell. "Mayor, Doc, I got a bad vibe."

Apparently Leng's perception is picky, for while he does not notice the horsemen par se, once the eyes of the horses are close enough to be seen glowing…he notices that fairly damn quickly. Like many scholars, picky perception.

"Glowing red eyes." Leng says to himself, enunciating every word. "And me without an elder sign in sight. Oh, this is wonderful."

After about thirty seconds, during which the three horsemen and one horselady converse quietly, the big one with all the large guns gives his horse a kick and starts at a slow pace down the street towards the main thoroughfare. The others follow, first two and then the one on the pale white horse taking up the rear. Burly Cowboy leers at a few scared pieces of tattooed white trash on their way to the Rock Bottom, causing them to shrink back a bit. He comes to a stop about twenty feet short of Zeke's truck (the others riding behind him do the same) and he calls, "This Blue Earth?"

Mia remains quiet, simply watching them as they approach. One hand slides into her pocket as the other takes the proffered bag from Zeke. Apparently this is his question to answer, not hers.
Zeke nods, seeming to be completely at ease, standing with the truck between him and the riders. "Yeah, this's Blue Earth. What do y'all need?"

When the horsemen draw nearer, Nora's dog is suddenly far less inclined to try for intimidation. Soon, the dog is hiding behind Nora's legs, peering out at the horsemen, letting out a low whine. Nora takes advantage of the dog's sudden shift in temperament to shuffle nearer to Zeke and Mia, unwilling to turn her back and walk away from this. Like Mia, she keeps her mouth shut for the time being.

Bart remains silent, wary and watching the strangers while Zeke takes the lead. Just because he likes to question authority, doesn't mean he won't let authority stand in front when the shooting begins. His gaze slides from one intruder to the next, as if trying to figure out who's what sort of threat. Bart frowns as he studies Scabby in particular.

Leng stays a bit farther away then the rest, approaching closer, close enough to hear, but no closer. He looks ready to bolt at a moments notice.

Wandering down the street, suitcase, cello case and a few plastic grocery store bags in hand is 'The New Guy' Chad. A bit off kilter with his hands full, but he manages. He promised Will Leng he'd meet him, but he slept a bit later today then usual. Headed for the saloon to wait for him. He sees a crowd, and horsemen and women. As well as the idea that the horses eyes are glowing. Setting his things on the steps, and heading over to Leng, but doesn't speak for the moment, just casting him a questioning look. That is, until he wanders closer.

"What a cute dog," the red head announces from her perch not all -that- far away from Nora, Taffy and Co. "A little on the large side though."

The leader of the crew lifts his chin and eyes Zeke, face a stony mask. He's got mixed blood with a ruddy coloration to his skin and a jet black mustachio. "Y'all got a bank? My friends and I need to make a withdrawal's been a long time comin'."

The scabby one picks a scab and nibbles on it. It's an especially pus-juicy one. He looks bored by the proceedings.
The old man in white dozes lightly on his horse, hands folded over his saddle's pommel. He snores like this: wee-wee-wee-wee-weeeeeee, wee-wee-wee-wee-weeeeeee.

Mia is mostly clued in, but there's a brow raised at the mention of the bank. Of course, then the doctor's attention is caught by the snoring man and the pus dauber.

Zeke nods. "We do, but it's closed for the night. Might want to come back around opening time in the morning. I beleive it's nine. Long time comin' huh? You have a savings account with them or something?

Startled by the redhead's voice, Nora snaps her mouth shut and gives the female rider a wide-eyed stare. Not one to be impolite, even to suspected minions of evil, she manages a wan smile, clutching Taffy's leash ever-tighter. "Th— thanks," she stammers out, edging another step closer to Zeke and Mia.

Bart looks appropriately dubious. "Well, they're sure not here to hit up the ATM," he voices in a low, dry manner. Between Shooty, Sleepy, Scabby and Slutty, he's not entirely sure which one twigs his alarms the most. They all seem equally unwholesome.

Leng laughs. He sounds honestly, heartily amused, as if he's just heard a great joke, and walks a few feet closer. "No gold in this bank you know, friend." he says, as if that would matter. "Mind telling me what year it is?" he asks, staring at the horses eyes.

Chad shrugs and wanders back to his things. Slipping them into the 'relative' safety of the Saloon before he returns, digging for a ciggarette. He leans against the building and just watches and listens for now. Not sure what he can offer the proceedings, other then a rubber neck. Lighting the ciggarette with his lighter, then tucking the lighter away. His arms crossing over his chest, looking as though he really might not care what's going on.

The weapon-clad leader seems scarcely to move and suddenly he's got a revolver out and pointed at Leng's head. His other revolver, also drawn, is on Mia. "Anybody else move, you're gettin' a bullet in ya." After a pause, he nods at Zeke to answer his question, "We do. Now. REACH FOR THE SKY!"

Right about when he says this, the old man stirs. Just in time, because the other horsemen dismount and each draw a weapon. The woman pulls a single silver revolver and points it at Nora. "I'll take the dog." She smiles sweetly with painted red lips. The others draw bead on Chad and Zeke.

Zeke sighs, and just looks at the leader. "Now look Hoss. No one here gave you any cause for that. And no one here wants any trouble. Was anyone here anything but friendly?" His tone is calm and even, and oddly, completely unconcerned, unafraid. If anything, he sounds a little hurt and annoyed that these folks'd come into town and try to cause trouble.

"Wh— what?" Nora grips the leash tighter, levelling the redhead with an incredulous stare. She can feel Taffy's weight behind her, still cowering behind her legs, peeking out at the woman on the horse. Maybe she ought to be more alarmed by a revolver aimed at her face, but Nora only frowns. "No offense intended, ma'am, but I ain't givin' you my dog. Don't think she much wants to go with you, neither."

Mia's hand comes out of her pocket, heading for the air. The very perceptive might note a few crystals drifting through the air in front of both her and Zeke. "I don't think you have enough rope to tie me to the railroad tracks," she comments, just a hint of shakiness in her voice. "If we even had railroad tracks. I think the best you can do is tie me to the town's one traffic light."

Bart mentally groans. Because yes, it really is that sort of day. And he's got to learn to start packing heat when he goes for a stroll or a drink. And even though it seems that even the dog is more important than him, with guns pointed at just about everyone else, he casually holds his hands up to show they're empty. His eyes narrow, as he focuses his mojo into the world beyond. He draws from the early evening heat haze and the sound of the wind and the color of the horses' eyes as his own gaze unfocuses just a little.

Chad's arms raise, he's unarmed, other then his ciggarette and lighter. Though he does pull the ciggarette from his lips and flick the ashes off, before setting it between his lips again. Unfortunately his heat just went inside the Saloon with the rest of his things. He can't help but glance at Nora and especially the dog with her. Then back to those on horse back. His cellphone is ringing, but he ignores it. Sorry ma, will have to call you back, later, if I'm still alive after this.

Leng remains still, but slowly raises his hands to the sky. "I recognise those horses. Equus ferus hades. You must be quite powerful to have called them." He says this in a calm, soothing voice.

The man in the lead doesn't look moved by Zeke's words, which isn't to say he doesn't move… in fact, he does, shifting the weapon in his right from Leng to Zeke's truck and promptly opens fire, blowing out front and rear windows in the first two shots and then blasting the rear tires. That's gonna be costly to repair, that is. When he finishes, he says, "All your money and valuables on the ground, now!" And then, hearing Nora, "Give her the Shades-damned dog!"

Tossing her hair, the red head moves closer to Nora, cocking her weapon with that distinctly serious CLICK that a loaded revolver tends to make. Looking aside at Leng, her brows rise and she says, "You have no idea."

The other outlaws don't fire their weapons, but they keep them brandished. At least scabby isn't eating his scabs anymore.

Zeke doesn't move. Doesn't drop to the ground. He just stands there, somewhere between unimpressed and fuming. "Well that wasn't bright. Now I'm gonna have to take the money for that out of your mangey skin…" Seems like someone has has just about enough of the bullshit for one lifetime. He's still mostly shielded by the truck.

Mia's attention has pulled from the man firing shots to the woman terrorizing Nora. A brow arches and Mia's lips begin to move. Oddly, not a whole lot of sound comes out.

Letting out a very unladylike whimper when the man shoots out the windows of Zeke's truck, Nora nearly drops the leash in her hands. She'll have to be forgiven for being startled; while she's grown up with the sound of gunshots, she's never heard one while there was a gun pointed at her face. Tightening her grip on the leash, her hands trembling, she winces preemptively and says again, "No."

Bart looks at The Four for a moment, gaze unfocused, as if he's trying to see beyond them. After a few seconds, he visibly shudders - one of the few times he's ever been less than completely cool in a crisis - and blinks rapidly, eyes watering. He keeps his hands up, but risks a quick shake of the head to either side to brush at his eyes. "Mayor. Doc." His growl is low, but urgent. "Four Horsemen." He loads the words with as much meaning as he can. "Guns is War. Sleepy is Death. Scabby looks to be Pestilence. Red's packing a snake and flames, call her what you want." He winces as the beginnings of a headache stab through him, and shuts up.

Leng slowly…slowly takes his wallet and 35 cents out of his pocket, and sets them on the ground, before raising his hands. The wallet has twenty dollars in it, a Carson City bus pass, a credit card, two student IDs in it, and about three months of 7-11 receipts. "I wouldn't." he says warningly to Zeke and Nora, before addressing the gang once more.

"I don't suppose you'd mind telling us your names, at least." he says dryly. "As long as your getting our money, it might be nice to know who robbed us. Your an old West Gang, is that it? I'm sure you'd like some notoriety." Of course, if a pack of demons is stupid enough to give him their names, they deserve whatever fate it is they get in a week or two.

Chad blinks, and is quietly thankfull he put the rest of his things in the Saloon. Hopefuly they will have forgetten he had them.. though he doubts it. Completly unaware of what others might be doing around him.. he just drops his ciggarette and pulls his wallet, sorry Leng, there goes my rent.. No credit cards or anything, just what he had left from Vegas, about $1000. Anything else in there, they wouldn't want anyway. His cell phone.. which starts ringing again, well, now that it's out, it's more a song.. Big Butts to be exact. Sorry again mom… Impatient wench.

Red doesn't like Nora's answer. It isn't in the way she sneers at the woman and she doesn't say anything, but she does squeeze her trigger. The silver revolver launches a bullet that hits Nora in the upper right chest with enough force to knock her off her feet. Not deigning to give the woman or the dog she wanted another thought, she turns on her heel and walks back towards her horse, spinning the revolver.

Meanwhile, the leader of the horsemen, named War by Bart, just smiles at Zeke. He's missing a few teeth. "Boys, grab up the loot and let's move on. We'll come back when the bank is open." Leng just gets a shake of his head. "Maybe next time."

Well that's about enough of THAT shit. In one quick motion, Zeke pulls a browning semi-auto shotgun out from under the duster, shoulders it, and levels it at Warius Dumbshittius. "No, folks. You're not going to do that. If ANY of you fucks move. He dies. At this range I will NOT miss, I guranttee you. Your fault, my fault, nobody's fault. He dies. This. Is. MY town. You may or may not be The four fuckin' horsemen, but you DO NOT hold dominion here. *I* do." His voice has gone from low and steady to sounding like the thunder itslef. "Now STAND DOWN."

Trust gunfire to alert the local blogger to the presence of something amiss in town. She scampers along the side of the General Store, somewhat less than stealthy with a large computer case, almost larger than her, stuffed with her notebooks and her notebook computer, and probably at least one digital camera. She scuttles around the corner, a hand delving into her bag, then Peachy Wyatt stops dead at the sight that presents itself. Her mouth hangs open, and a small silver digicam held aloft in hand. She forgets to look through the viewfinder. Click. FLASH. Woops.

And this is the point where Leng runs. Grabbing Chad by the arm, and not even waiting to see if he's willing to come, Leng runs away towards the Saloon, doing his very best to drag Chad with him. As fast as he can. Hopefully it has a back door! He doesn't even stop for his wallet.

Needless to say, Nora is down for the count. With the dog pressed up against her legs like she is, and the shot from the revolver knocking her back, the entire ordeal is anything but graceful. She lands on the sidewalk with a resounding thud, blood pooling from the wound in her chest. She may be conscious, albeit barely, but she's certainly not getting back on her feet.

Mia continues chanting, but for some reason, it's not having the desired effect. In fact, it's having the opposite. After a moment, she's driven down to her knees, brow furrowed. The chanting, of course, stops.

Bart smiles grimly as Zeke mans up. Eyes half-closed, he draws from his surroundings again, pulling together his mojo. The hardnosed authority of the Mayor. The trespass of the strangers. The dust in the air. Bart focuses past his headache, and taps into the symbolism of the scene, weaving something intangible into the air itself. Call it a nudge to karma. Because in the Wild West, the good guys - the representatives of law and authority - almost always win over the bad guys in a showdown. And if the hint of a star appears on Zeke's chest, chalk it up to a trick of the light. Pity it's not high noon.

Chad sees Nora go down and the Mayor get all tough… he's blinking, half tempted to at least save the dog… Though he hasn't even dropped his things yet, but forgets and tucks them away again when Leng grabs him. At least he's not too far from the door.. If he can, once inside, grabs his 'other' things, that they seemed to have forgotten about. Suitcase, Cello case, etc. "What the fuck is going on?" he asks Will…

Call it the Stars Aligning. Call it a twist of fate. But when Zeke speaks up, War raises a hand and his men (and the one woman) stop moving. Lips twisting into a sneer, he leans forward at the Mayor and says, "Alright Ezekiel Jebidiah Roseman. My men and I will be leavin'… unless you were plannin' on tryin' to stop us?" The undertone in his voice dares the man to do exactly that. "But we will be back." His hench people remain where they are, motionless.

Moving out of the cover of the truck, shotgun still leveled, Ezekiel nods. "You just go on and get out of here. Come back here before your day is due, and know that you'll meat a fate that Michael himself wouldn't deliver on your sorry asses. Now; Get. Out. Of. My. Town."

"Never bring a knife to a gunfight." Leng says by way of explanation to Chad, as he enters the door of the Saloon and runs towards the back. "Do you have a cellphone on you? That girl's been shot. Call 911. It might take some time to get here, but she'll need an ambulence. Hopefully they'll be gone by then, and she'll still be alive. I lost mine somewhere in my room when I woke up, I'll have to find it later."

Mia slowly pushes to her feet, shaking her head, looking a little dazed. "I'm a doctor. Shut your damned fool yellin," she calls to Leng, lips pursed. Girl looks like she's fighting the headache from hell. With a wary eye on the lead bandit, she makes her way toward where Nora's down.

"Oh yes sir yes sir, 'course sir." War, naturally, is being sarcastic. He spins his weapons and returns them to their holsters before turning his horse around. "Your town, eh?" Yes, he is still badgering the man even as he prepares to leave. Scabby, Death and Red all mount up and turn around as well while their leader offers up: "The people who were here before you might have somethin' to say about you layin' claim."

Bart exhales slowly as Zeke manages to stand his ground against the Horsemen. He doesn't do much else, still focused on keeping the mojo aligned and the moment right, lest it all collapse in a hurry. He'll pay later with his own headache, undoubtedly, but it beats being shot. "C'mon, Mayor," he mutters under his breath. "Just a little longer."

Chad nods "Yeah…" Only now his hands are full of his things… though he hears Mia too. "Oh.. we got a Doctor. She'll be fine then… I hope." Peering at Mia, and without yelling, "Probably will need a stretcher though… to move her to a better location?" he asks, figuring town doctors know their patients. But the offer is there, trying to be helpful anyway.

Leng glances towards Chad. "And this doctor can do sugery to remove a bullet lying in the middle of the street? I've seen enough television to know how absurd that is. You call 911, I'll go talk to this doctor once those horsemen clear out." He walks back towards the door. He's not leaving it until the horsemen are actually, physically, gone.

Nora is only vaguely aware of her surroundings, at this point, conscious or not. She slides her feet along the ground, shifting her legs from the awkward position they assumed when she fell to something more natural, but doesn't venture so far as to try and sit up. "Taff— " The dog hasn't gone anywhere, nudging her hand reassuringly with a wet nose. An incoherent mutter and she stops fighting the urge to close her eyes. While the wound isn't immediately life-threatening, she certainly is losing blood.

Mia is either very brave or very stupid - or she's simply a doctor with a patient. She heads over to Nora, bag banging at her side, and crouches. First priority? Staunching the bleeding. "Hey darlin, I'm here. Taffy's taking good care of you," she tells Nora quietly. Clearly there's some trust that others have her back.

Chad nods, "Probably for the best… you're right. It can be done, they did stuff like that a long time ago.. not the cleanest places, but it could be done." He sets his things down and digs for the phone again. Though he's not really all that worried, he's headed for the door as he is about to dial and his phone wrings again.. Damn Big Butts, he's going to have to change that ring tone. He flips it open and then hangs up. Waits a few seconds, and then dials 911. Peering out, just to watch things, and the baddies as they wander off.

Zeke just stand there, impassivly. He's not budging until the Horsemen are gone and out of sight.

Meanwhile, Peachy just stands there. Click. Maybe her camera goes off once more, flashing a bright blue-white flash across the gathered. "… Holy. Crap." She says this very quietly to herself. It's quiet in her own mind, but some people probably hear it. She tugs at her collar, and just watches it all unfold. One can almost see her fiending for a wireless signal.

The Horsemen, true to War's word, don't stick around. With a "YEEHAW!" from Death and a brandishing of his large white cowboy hat, they start off at a trot and then burst into a gallop, heading back south.

Leng walks out of the door, with the horsemen gone, and towards the doctor. "He should be calling 911 about now." he says. "I don't care if your a doctor or not. Unless you have something better up your sleeve then that chanting, I'm pretty sure this is a bad place to be doing surgery. Or to be giving a blood transfusion."

Zeke safeties the shotgun and just eyes Leng. "Let the woman do her job. I'm pretty sure she knows what she's doing. If you wanna be useful make SURE that ambulance is enroute. She'll need it."

Nora rolls her eyes towards Mia, or at least in Mia's direction, at the sound of her voice. "Are they gone?" she whispers, the words slurred, oblivious to Leng and his criticism of the medicale care she's receiving.

Bart sighs and lets the tension run out of him as the bad guys depart and things get back to something closer to normal. He releases his deathgrip on karma, and the vibe of the area changes, flowing back into what it should be. Subtlety, thy name is Bart's mad mojo skillz. He moves towards the others to make sure they're okay … and his left foot goes *squish* into a pile of Taffy's most recent leavings, deposited at some point during the crisis. "Oh for…" he mutters with an annoyed growl.

"They're gone, darlin," Mia murmurs quietly, keeping her hand pressed against the wound to staunch the bleeding. "Unfortunately, they left their asshole behind." Yes, that's a glance toward Leng. "Zeke, get my bag, please? The one with the stitched cross on it." Because, apparently, the town's doctor/vet has several. "Bart, call Haven and see if she's on shift tonight? I think she is. Let her know that we have a GSW to the chest and alert ER we're coming in times one."

Chad is in the Saloon talking to the 911 dispatch. Explaining what went on, but omitting that the horses looked like death and omitting a few unimportant tidbits. Jut the major important stuff. A woman was shot in Blue Earth, there is a doctor present, yadda etc. Once he hangs up, he's stepping out again and heads over. "Ambulance en route." he says softly. Since Mia apparently didn't care for yelling.

Zeke nods and gets the bag at a run, pausing only long enough to put the shotgun in the truck. "Here you go." He looks to Bart, nods his thanks. He knows enough to know who actually saved their asses.

Leng snorts at Mia, then upturns his nose at her. "Good." he says in the direction of Chad.

Bart scrapes the sole of his shoe against the edge of the sidewalk, disgustedly. "Giant dogs take giant dumps," he mutters, though without any real annoyance for the dog itself. He's quite careful when he pulls out his own phone to ring Haven. The gist of the message is simple: Nora got her fool self shot in the chest, and ER better be ready. He flips it shut again, and returns Zeke's nod.

"… And then a brave citizen went to the aid of others only to get poo on his shoe," Peachy mutters to herself, probably under her breath enough that those nearby barely hear it, if at all! Ahem. She tucks the camera away, then calls out, "Wow, that was crazy! Who were those guys?" Her eyes flick to the downed Nora. "Wow, she's bleeding, huh?" Wait for it one, two, THUD. Peachy's eyes roll up into her head, and she drops like a stone into a still pond.

Leng glances back towards Zeke. "And as for you." he says, keeping his voice low and rock-calm. "What in the world makes you think that the contents of a few wallets are worth risking a gunfight and six lives? This isn't the OK Corral. If someone holds a gun to you and asks for your money, you give it to him."

Oh that's just probably the worst thing Leng could say. Zeke stalks toward him and glowers. "Try risking MY sorry hide you moron. I was drawing their attention so others could act. And frankly? I'm DONE with these fucking demons, zombies, spooks and whatever the hell else showing up and making trouble. No MORE. And if you don't like it bud? Tough."

"Zeke," Mia says quietly, voice low. "If you would be so kind as to escort all non-essential personnel away from the area?" Chad gets offered a small, tight smile. "Thank you," she calls, then pauses. "Sir, I hate to ask, but can you see to that nice young lady who just face planted, please? Check for a pulse. I'm suspecting shock."

"I don't think he's very nice," Nora whispers to Mia in her best conspiratorial tone, given the circumstances. Letting her eyes drift closed again, she adds, "Make sure Taffy gets home safe." A second later, she murmurs, "Should call Johnny." And with that, she's out.

Bart watches Zeke tear Leng a new one, and dips his head briefly in an appreciation of the art form. "I've got to agree with him, much as I hate to say it. Town's getting downright hazardous. Looks like I'll be doing more research, see if the Apocalypse Gang's ever pulled this sort of thing before."

Chad eyes Leng, and just 'heh's. But says nothing. "So… um… This kind of thing happen here often?" he asks, highly concidering doing his banking in Vegas.. and a safe place to hide the important stuff. Though Zeke's words more or less just confirmed that as a yes. "Weeel I can see I'll be on my toes a lot here." he grins a bit, not a real one but pretty close. Trying to make light of it anyway.

"You're an idiot." Leng replies. "This isn't some sort of video game, this is real life. Your gun-toting pride isn't worth a life. It wouldn't have just been you, either. Your very lucky they backed down." He glances towards Mia. "And you arn't much better. Don't call an ambulence, I'm a doctor. Most fool notion I ever heard." He stalks off, heading towards one of the alleyways.

Mia reaches down to stroke Nora's forehead, though calls over her shoulder, "Zeke? Get the asshole a hearing aid. Apparently he confused "I'm a doctor, stop your yelling" with "Don't call an ambulance." Damned sure didn't say anything so stupid." Oh, yeah, someone's -pissed-. "Zeke? Can you get the sheriff, too? Soon as I get Nora here in the ambulance, I'm gonna need to be arrested for assaulting a fucking vegetable."

Zeke nods to Mia. "You heard the lady, people, clear on out if you're not directly involved." He looks to Leng again; "And that goes for you especially. I am NOT gonna call the sherrif, and I gurantee you if you don't leave, you'll have SOMEONE's boot up your ass." He shakes his head and turns away, catching Bart's eye.

Chad did hear Mia, "Oh, sorry, yes.." a bit in shock himself. He steps over to Peachy, tucking his phone away and kneals down beside her. He at least knows enough to check her pulse. Fingers to her neck, lightly, muttering softly to her. "It's alright, I won't hurt you." to Peachy. "I'm Chad… and I'm just helping out here."

Leng has already started to leave, so Mia and Zeke get the final potshots as they call out to him. He heads into the alley, and is away.

Bart mutters dryly, "Borrow mine, it's already got shit on it." He fires a quick, sharp grin at Zeke as he says this, and then shrugs a little. "So. Just another quiet night in Blue Earth. We really have to put this in the tourist brochures." Poor Nora.

Chad peers over at Mia, "She seems fine, pulse is strong, breathing. Probably just passed out." His hand moving away, but remaining beside her, to make sure she'll be alright. He peers at the others. "A round of drinks on me." to Mia, "You later, when she's better."

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