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Founding Families

There are 5 founding families in the tiny town of Blue Earth, Nevada. Each of the five major families can trace its lineage back to the beginnings of the town, before it was named. Many of the residents are in some way linked to one of the five original families.

Black (the Outlaws)

The Blacks have been with the town, since boards were laid in. The first Black, a Jeremiah Black, was brought in to serve as the town's sheriff originally. However Blacks have never been known for being anything but nefarious in the eyes of culture which they often shun. Jeremiah then married a native woman and became an outlaw, only to be hung a week later for failure to steal a horse. As it stands, Blacks mean bad news, or at least someone who is more rough and tumble. The majority of the Black family is incorporated with the local Reservation.

Lewis (the Guardians)

Lewis is an old name around Blue Earth. They showed up quiet-like right around the inception of the town, bought up some land, and turned it into a cattle ranch. Real salt of the earth types. Since then, they've had a hand in helping get many business ventures off the ground, been faithfuls at the church up on main street, and have run the county sheriff's office damn near since old Jeremiah hung. Jolie's just about all that's left now, and she went and eloped with some foreigner from Europe on a lark, after her third husband got sick of the town and left her. She never talked much about the first two, and since she had the accident and her kids moved back to L.A., the ranch has been looking more ramshackle than ever.

Santo (the Witches)

The Santo's have been in the town since it was nothing more than a collection of tents hunkered down in the sandy soil, full of scrub and coyote. It's known that there has been at least one Santo in Blue Earth since the town was named, for the last few hundred years. The family has run through many businesses in times of plenty and in times of hardship, but has never turned away a fellow townie asking for a helping hand. The family estate is one of the largest in the tiny town (not that that's saying a lot considering the size of the town itself). It is rumored to be haunted, and most of the current residents remember tales of the old lady who lived there (just recently deceased). Ring and runs were a yearly occurrence on Halloween. At least two children are reported to never have returned again. Though these sorts of rumors and tales persist, it's known by the elders of the little burg that the Santo family can always be called on for assistance. (The only living member currently within the city limits is learning this the hard way, one 3am phone call at a time. She has no idea how they got her cell phone number…) More...

Other Families


The Harper family's been in town for a few generations now; the first family of them rolled into town in a trailer home with a flat tire, and never quite got around to fixing it and moving on. The trailer's long since been salvaged for scrap, but the Harpers stayed on, even though they always seem like they regret it. They've never been a big clan, no more than one or two kids per - at least legitimately - and their kids always seem to swear they're going to move away. Many of them do, but they're almost always back as the years go by, as if drawn to the place by some inescapable fate.


Compared to some of the other families residing in Blue Earth, the Jackson family is considered a damn young one, having only arrived in the town around 1922. For the most part the Jacksons have never risen to anything amounting to real local fame or prominence aside from the occasional story of one or two of them slipping off to try their hand in the big city. Town gossip goes that when the then 18 year old Sebastian tried to split, he and his father Marcus almost came to blows. Although he's since finally returned to town, the two still aren't reconciled. But as everyone knows, every Jackson is as stubborn as a mule.


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Sinclair (The Dregs)

The multi-generational saga of the Sinclair family is one steeped in shame, scandal, and low expectations. It's not clear how long they've been skulking around the edges, stinking up the place, but at least five generations have been noted for their spectacular history of crashing and burning. Those that haven't become petty criminals usually end up coming to a bad end in other ways. Decades ago, Patrick Sinclair went off to war, and returned two years later with a bum leg and a dishonorable discharge, and spent the rest of his life taking it out on others. His son, Patrick Jr knocked up Ellen Winters, and gradually became a drunken recluse living in a trailer out on the edge of things. Patrick Sinclair III left town at 18, and only recently returned home at the age of 30. Strangely enough, he seems to be the best of a bad lot, having turned almost respectable….
It remains to be seen what the remaining family makes of him. Or why they've stuck around so long when so few of them actually seem happy about it.


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