28 Jan 2010 : Dust Bunnies
Dust Bunnies
Summary: Benny puts in some face time at the church and with the foul mouthed Reverend.
Date: 1/28/2010
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Saint Geronimo's

As it is Thursday night, the church is quiet, and mainly empty. Lights are still on as the right reverend seems to be busy doing some last minute cleaning. Stuff he should have done last night after the blue hairs and kids left from their own services. His 'work' shirt is off, leaving a black undershirt on- Though he's slipped into sneakers and out of the usual black boots. Relaxed? Just a little, but dammit, it is Thursday.

It just so happens it's Benny's night off. Not that she gets a lot of those, or wants a lot of those, as evenings bring in the highest tips. She pushes open the doors to the chapel proper with the same hesitation as if it were her first time within its walls. Her boots scuff at the floor as she drags her heels in a manner of a five year old who really doesn't want to be here. Obligation, however, drives her forward. She's about to slip into a pew, when she sees the Reverend putzing with housework. "You really should leave that to the divine housewifes, Brother. I'm sure they could be bribed with everlasting salvation to do a little dusting once in a while." She offers a soft smile to temper the words.

Judah looks back towards Benny for a moment. A raised brow as he stops sweeping, leaving the dust and dirt in a nice little pile by the steps leading up to the altar. A chuckle and he's shrugging ever so slightly. "Well, if I was married, I am sure that my wife would still make me do this." A click of his tongue, before he's moving to lean the pushbroom against one of the pews. "What brings you here, Benny?" See he has a good memory for names-that and she works where he eats after church on Sundays.

"All you would have to say is that you were looking, Brother, and the pews would be full and you'd have standing room only for your sermons." Looking for a wife, presumably. Benny's eyes slide back to the crucifix, and stay there for a moment. "Just putting in my pew time, that's all." And it's no secret that this is one of the few, free places she can go to get out of the house.

"You know, you could do that on Sundays, like everyone else." Judah jokes briefly, before he's shaking his head and propping a shoe up on the faded red cushion, of the pew. "You might even like what I say." Still Judah's not going to poke her out. "You wanna sit, or help?" meaning with the cleaning. As for touching the statement about wives…well he's not.

"I always work Sunday brunch, which means I have to be there to open early." Benny explains away lamely. "You can just give me the abriged version when you come in for coffee." And where she can escape under the guise of having the serve more customers. At his question about sitting or helping, he gets her gaze again. "It's not enough that I'm on my feet all day…" She jokes lightly, but who is going to refuse a man of the cloth. "You hold the pan, I'll sweep." Is said as she takes her feet.

"Uhuh." Judah replies with a shake of his head as he remains where he stands. "Why do I have a feeling that you're just rubbing me in the head?" a grin and he's moving to head over to the pan, where he haphazardly placed it. A look back up towards Benny and he's waiting from his crouched position. "So how have you been?"

Benny pauses at that euphemism from Judah, having to do a double take at the preacher to conclude that no, no he really didn't mean it the way she just possible took that. She shakes her head to clear that impure thought, lest god strike her down in the here and now. "Fine, just fine." She takes up the broom, working the bristles like a pro as she manipulates the dust towards the pan. "Things have been blissfully quiet. Routine. You?" She asks, flicking a glance to his face.

"About the same. No good sports on right now. Superbowl is coming up, but I don't really give a f-" a pause as he looks back towards the altar and then back tot he crucifix. "Fray-errflying flip." lame, utterly lame. ", And with that he's angles the pan to help get the dust in. "Though." he adds in softly. "I saw the Foriegner talking to…someone in the Spin N' Win.. That has to be something, right?"

Benny can't help but smile as the preacher almost cusses, and then fumbles on the rebound. "I don't watch much television myself." Likely because it'd be a stretch for her to even own one. It was no doubt pawned long long ago. "But gossip. Gossip is good. Though the Foreigner talking to someone should hardly rank. He talks to everyone who'll listen for five minutes." A little wistful sigh. "He's a charmer. Was it a specific someone?" Sweep sweep.

"I didn't say television, I said sports." Hell he listens to on the radio if he can't get it on signal here, or at the bar on the rez. Still Judah's rising up as she gets more dust, mainly to come in closer. "Someone spanish." Yeah, like that helps. " A girl who looks a little older than you. Face seemed familiar….but, I can't place it."

Benny pauses for a moment, but the list of who it could be is rather short. "Haven?" Benny bends over a bit, to get the broom head good and far beneath one of the pews to get the dust bunnies. "They were chittering in the diner, too. They go off on their tangents of Spanish, and you can't understand a darn thing they're saying, but it sure does sound pretty. They could read me the phone book and I'd be entranced for hours. Exotic." But then if it doesn't come from Blue Earth, she'd think even sliced bread was exotic.

Judah looks back towards Benny and nods. "Probably. I didn't get her name, but she looked like her." could be wrong. Still he's waiting for those dust bunnies to get pulled to their dusty doom. "Meh. I've heard prettier. You guys have an odd idea as to what pretty sounds like." Judah notes from his position. "They were all close and stuff. Interesting.." seeing how he knows Vargas' wife. grew up with her.

Benny pauses in her sweeping, bringing the broom up to rest her arm over the tip of the handle. "Now, brother. I sure hope you're not condemning the man on suspicion of a little friendly chatter over spin cycles. Let he without sin cast the first stone…" She looks at him levelly, though there's a glimmer of amusement in her eyes.

Judah looks back towards Benny. "Well, when you can tell me what close whispering looks like, innocently, then I'll buy it. Till then." he's shrugging. Not much for gossip himself. Still he finds this to be interesting to say the least. "Maybe I should do a sermon about lust." added as an after thought

Benny smiles and shakes her head, taking back up the broom and dragging it across the floor again, then nudges the grit into th epan. "Another great way to drum up that wife of yours." She says, letting the conversation about the Foreigner fall into a lull. Maybe she looks a little crestfallen, maybe just a bit. But it comes from the innocent place of a young girl stuck in a dead end town.

"I am sure anyone who was to marry me or even consider sleeping with me would be fucking- Fuck- I mean. Sorry." a look over towards the cross for a moment as he apologizes a little bit softer. "Is crazy.. they would be crazy." Judah finally finishes.

Benny gives a little startled laugh. Sure, it happens. They all cuss, but Judah just did it in his own church, which is a first for Benny's ears. "Re-he-heeeally." She continues with a chuckle. A fist plants on her hip and she gives him a mock look of disapproval. "We have no short of crazy in this town. Just your luck." She goes to pat him affectionately on the back, but when she does, a bare finger touches the bare flesh just above his collar, and she delivers a little static shock like she's rubbed a balloon on her hair all afternoon. Now it's her turn to apologize, which she does quickly and profusely while withdrawing her hand.

"Ain't that the truth." Judah admits before he's looking back up to her. Don't worry he'll be scraping this off into the trash, that is till she's zapping his neck. 'Christ.." a beat "have mercy" he adds on quickly. "What did you just do to my neck?" Might as well ask, right?

Benny tucks her offending hand up underneath her opposing armpit. "Just a little shock, brother." She flushes profusely, the color rising to her cheesk rapidly. "I must have forgotten to put one of those static cling sheets in with my laundry. Sorry about that. Sorry. No harm, right?" She smiles to try and smooth over the incident.

"No shit." this one he doesn't apologize for, before the cross. It seems it's not held that high as the f-bomb in a church. "Were you rubbing your hand on the seat or something?" Judah asks, with a brow, before he's turning to go and quickly send the dust to the bin, as it were. "No, no harm…Just..exciting?" a snicker there.
By now, her smile is slightly pinched, as Benny hands the broom back to the Reverend, this time careful not to let their hands touch in the process. "I guess everyone could use a little excitement once in a while. Even you." A pause, "I should be going."

The broom is taken back, and there's a faint chuckle right there, before he's nodding. "Thanks." and with that he's raising a brow back to the other woman and he pops a hip in his shance. Probably, just trying to shift weight. "You don't have to if you don't want to." the Padre says softly. "A little shock is nothing."

Benny's smile only falters around the edges. "Just a shock. It happens often. I guess I'm just a good conductor, right? Maybe I have a lot of iron in my blood or something." No, she doesn't really understand the complexities of that, she was never that great in school. "I just meant I should go before you rope me into windexing the windows."

Judah laughs, as he's looking back towards benny, and there's a faint grin. "Ah, So you're afraid I am just going to use you for your body." and by that he means work. He clearly means work. As for it, he's just shaking his head. "Iron..I didn't realize that brought on strong static charges." A shrug "Huh, the more you know."

Benny ducks her head, hiding another blush and another smile. "Guess so." She mutters quietly, then slips down the aisle leading to the back of the church. There's one last look over her shoulder, as if retaining some guilt in tonight's meeting, but then she's gone, slipping through the exit.

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