Saint Jerome's


Saint Jerome's was a Spanish mission that was run by the Dominican order from the early inception, as a means to provide the message of Christ to the Mohave Indians. It was then known as Santo Jeromino De La Montana, or "Saint Jerome Of The Mountain". It was later taken over by the Carmelite nuns, in order to provide a nunnery in the south west to train sisters in the way of mission and the holy orders. During this time it was still serving as a little church to the Mohave and local immigrants under the guidance of Father Elias Santina. However, when California was lost to the United States, the church was shifted over to the Episcopal Church for a lump sum of money, and the fact that the Catholics, just didn't care to send anyone else out there. Too odd they say. Since then it has worked in a dual capacity, giving blended and traditional services to the community


As the story goes, Father Santina had a wondering eye for a young nun. And it was often whispered that they would meet beneath an old tree in the graveyard to consummate their love, rather passionately. One day the nun was noticed to be getting larger in her belly, but her frame still being slender. With such the scandal of the pregnant nun, the father would have to retire. Mysterious the woman disappeared, only to reappear a week later in the mountains, looking as if she had been stabbed to death. Some suspect this was done in the old mission and she was later moved so as to keep suspicion away from the church. As it stands, it is reported she haunts the mission on nights when the wind is bad, and storms are coming in.


  • Rev. Judah Laughing Dog - Head Priest, Episcopal.
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