Blue Earth Character File

Name Rafael Oscar Vargas Aliases Rafael
Status Player Character Species Werebear
Gender Male Race/Eth. Spanish
Birthdate August 14, 1966 Age 43
Height 6'0" Build 190 lbs
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Ghost Creek Ranch
Employment Ghost Creek Ranch
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Married Children None
First Seen TBA Last Seen TBA
Rep Jolie's exotic husband from Spain. The one she talked endlessly about, back before the horseback riding accident three years ago that left her in a coma. She said he was monied, stylish, a patron of the arts and owned several large tracks of land in the Canary Islands and Andalucians. Now that her kids have run off to the city, he mostly runs the ranch alone with his dogs. Seems a friendly enough sort, if a touch eccentric.

Rafael's been around town for about five years now, though he tends to keep somewhat to himself, and has a little trouble with the language. He's gotten better, though.


portrayed by
Javier Bardem


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