Trin Soto

Blue Earth Character File

Name (assumed) Trindad Soto Aliases Trin
Status Player Character Species Vampire (not publicly known)
Gender Female Race/Eth. Mexican-American
Birthdate ?? Age 25ish
Height 5'9" Build Toned
Eyes Black Hair Black
Residence Room 11, Last Chance Motel
Employment Unknown
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Seen Last Seen
Rep Trin drifted into town the second week in February. She's been sighted down around the Last Chance Motel, the Diner, and on Main Street a couple of times, almost exclusively at night. She's always wearing dark shades, many tattoos, and enough leather to scare a herd of cattle. She's known to be somewhat brusque. No one can quite figure out what she's doing in Blue Earth, and no one expects her time here will be long. She's just not the sort that stays.
Trin Soto

portrayed by
Kat von D


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