Blue Earth Character File

Name Tessa Rose (Hamrick) Hodgens Aliases Tess
Status Player Character Species Human
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate Age 52
Height 5'2" Build Heavyset
Eyes Blue Hair Brown and Greying
Employment Zeke's General Store
Parents Martha and Delton Hamrick, deceased Siblings Emmeline
Marital Status Married Children Trey and Abilene
First Seen Last Seen
Rep Tess's husband and son are away on the road quite a bit as they're in the trucking business. Her daughter took off to Vegas, so it's just her sticking around town these days. She's fairly easy to get on with, once folks realize that she speaks her mind and quite often too. She's also got a rep as someone to not tangle with as she's a steady shot and is usually packing. (Just ask anyone who's been stupid enough to try and shoplift at the general store. Damn kids and their 'rights of passage.')

portrayed by
Kathy Bates


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