Seven Sloane

Blue Earth Character File

Name Seven Comfort Sloane Aliases Sloane
Status NPC Species
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate 04 July 1980 Age 29
Height 5'4" Build Average
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Happy Meadows Trailer Park
Employment Curl Up & Dye
Parents Jailed (Daddy) & Missing (Momma) Siblings Drunk (Whiskey) & Disorderly (Daniels)
Marital Status Divorced, Single Children No, thank you, Lord Jesus.
First Seen Last Seen
Rep Seven Sloane is a local girl. She's always been, always will be. She ran with a rough crowd when she was younger, and has a rep for being trash. Her family's trash, and all she ever will be is trash. However, and this is a big however, she rocks the scissors and the hot curlers like nobody's business, and this is the only thing that has allowed the town to truck with her wild ways. She is bad news when she's not in the salon working her magic — just ask anyone! Momma and Daddy Sloane are a long time gone, both up and disappeared when Sloane was just sweet sixteen. Her older brother, Whiskey, took care of her and younger sister, Daniels, until they were old enough to 'get married in Vegas'. The Sloane kids dispersed, leaving town only to have Seven roll back into town three days later with divorce papers and a hangover that lasted a week. That was 8 years ago. She's been raising heck and setting fire to her trailer ever since.
Seven Sloane

portrayed by
Natalie Maines


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