Peachy Wyatt

Blue Earth Character File

Name Peachy Wyatt Aliases WYPEACH
Status NPC Species
Gender Female Race/Eth. Cauc.
Birthdate April 2 Age 29
Height 5'5" Build Slim
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence Copper Court Apts
Employment Freelance, Self Employed
Parents Deceased Siblings Joey Wyatt, 32, location unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Rep The Blogger. Peachy Wyatt is a local girl who is known to be a conspiracy theorist, and avid blogger/information specialist. She considers it her job, which is obviously much more important than being just a reporter. She reports the truth, straight to the universe, without the skewing filter of big corporations, mass media, or editors. She's often seen about town with her camera and laptop, chasing down the lastest crazy theory.
Peachy Wyatt

portrayed by
Azura Skye

Can I quote you on that?


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