Blue Earth Character File

Name Mirabelle Renaud Aliases Mia
Status Player Character Species Human
Gender Female Race/Eth. French/Irish/Mexican
Birthdate 6/7/1982 Age 28
Height 5'6 Build Curvy
Eyes Green Hair Milk Chocolate
Residence Santo Estate, Blue Earth
Employment Santo Estate, Blue Earth (Doctor)
Parents Jean Renaud and Jenny Sweetnin (both Deceased) Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Rep Mia's the town's doctor, fresh off her residency. Lucy Santo was the one who paid for her education, with the explicit caveat that Mia return to Blue Earth to practice for at least five years. She's related, by marriage, to the Santo family, but also related by blood, distantly, to the Lewis family. One of those second cousins somewhere along the family tree. Removal's optional. While she's not a full-fledged vet, she can function in that role with her books, given the supplemental classes she's taken and some extra work she took on during school. While going through undergrad and medical school, she earned money for food and books by working at a local repair shop.

portrayed by
KayCee Stroh


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