Blue Earth Character File

Name Lucas Harper Aliases Luke
Status Player Character Species Human
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian (1/8th Mohave)
Birthdate 6/2/1969 Age Old Enough
Height 5'10" Build Muscular
Eyes Blue Hair Greying Brown
Employment Moonlight Gas & Tow (Owner, Manager, Sole Employee)
Parents Michael Harper (retired; disappeared into the desert years ago), Joanna Harper (deceased) Siblings None
Marital Status Currently Single (Divorced Once, Widower Once) Children None (…that he knows of. Some of those years are kinda foggy.)
First Seen Last Seen
Rep Lucas Harper - Luke, to his friends - runs the Moonlight Gas & Tow at the south end of town near Old State Route 70. A retired military man, he's generally considered reliable and friendly, although he's also known for not having much shame about what he says, either.

portrayed by
Kurt Russell


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