Blue Earth Character File

Name Judah Laughing Dog Aliases Parson, Preacher, Jude, Chief, LD
Status Player Character Species Werewolf
Gender Male Race/Eth. Native: Mohave
Birthdate Jun 19th 1971 Age 34
Height 6'2" Build Unknown
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Saint Geronimo's
Employment Saint Geronimo's
Parents Sam Laughing Dog, Maren Black Siblings A few
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Dust Bunnies Last Seen
Rep The Preacher: Judah's the town's spiritual advisor, though he started out previously as a troubled youth living on the local Rez. After a trip to the Navy and a dishonorable discharge, he went to college and then Seminary. Afterwards th' bishop he was serving under sent him back towards Blue Earth. It just seems like a run of rotten luck.

portrayed by
Gerard Butler


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