Blue Earth Character File

Name Benny Nickles Aliases Benny, Benny & The Jets, & Anything foul Dobson comes up with.
Status Player Character Species Human (Freakazoid)
Gender Female Race/Eth. White (Trash)
Birthdate 8/20/1983 Age 26
Height 5'6" Build Wiry
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence Happy Meadows Trailer Park
Employment Crossroads Dinner
Parents Desiree Nickles, 50 & Simon Nickles, 53 (Left Town) Siblings Samuel Nickles, 30 (Left Town)
Marital Status Unwed Children Zero Offspring
First Seen Dust Bunnies Last Seen TBA
Rep The Waitress. Benny has been stuck in this po-dunk town since birth, and always swore she'd break out one day. But with an ailing (read alcoholic) mother, she feels obligated to stay. Working in the diner is the only thing keeping her and her mother afloat, and when she gets stiffed on a tips, it's going to be a bad night.

portrayed by
Christine Horne


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