Blue Earth Character File

Name Patrick Bartholemew Sinclair III Aliases Pat, Bart, 3rd
Status Player Character Species Mojo-User
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 11/28/1980 Age 30
Height 5'10" Build Solid but unexceptional
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Apartment above his pawnshop.
Employment Stuff (His pawnshop)
Parents Patrick Sinclair Jr. (Deceased), Ellen Winters Sinclair (whereabouts unknown) Siblings None known.
Marital Status Single. Children None known.
First Seen Last Seen
Rep The Prodigal Son. After more than a decade away, he returned to set up shop as the town's pawnbroker and unofficial dealer of "stuff", whether that's unwanted gear, obscure books, or information. Researcher, maker of deals, lender of money, man of mystery. When someone needs to buy or sell something, get that hard-to-find item, or get the answer to a weird question, he's often the go-to guy.

portrayed by
Michael Wincott


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