Character Generation


We'd like all of our player characters to be of 18 years of age or older. Pretty simple, we just won't approve anything under that.


Generally speaking, attributes are determined by what you were born with. A witch, for example, might have a high potential for mojo if her family was magical. Likewise, a person from a family of intellectuals might have a high Academic. These must also be fostered in your own growth. That said, if you never left town, it's unlikely your Academic score is going to be super high, because you never developed it. (Unless you pulled a Will Hunting, you genius, you.)

(Note: Point farming non-combat attributes is frowned upon, so please do not take your Creativity, Social, and Mojo down to nothing just because you think they aren't important to your combatty ex-marine. They reflect more than just finger painting, being schmoozy, and having sparkles in your family tree.)

Your +sheet is evaluated in relationship to other +sheets already on the grid, the feasibility of your concept, and the way in which your background is written. If your BG does not support your stats, or your stats do not support your BG, we may ask for revisions. Please be respectful and receptive. We want to help you get through cGen as much as you want to get through cGen, but we will not approve unbalanced concepts. On a scale this simple, 2 points can make a difference.

When choosing your Attributes, remember that 4 through 6 is typical for a human PC in Blue Earth. Most human PCs are in this region. Very few hit 7 or higher and those that do tend to be Augmented humans, Freaks, or cursed/half-demons.


Consider your actions skills carefully. Most townies are likely to fall in the 2 to 3 range for the majority of these skills. Only those well trained in something are likely to go to 4 or better. Anything over 3 needs a mention in the BG. In a small town like this, Demolitions is likely to be only at a professional level for those who have some training in mining, or were ex-military, for example. Alertness is one of the few skills you can pick up a little higher without a load of training — just being vigilant, or perhaps having gone hunting a lot as a kid, can help you develop that (within reason).

Keep in mind that neglecting to take 'drive' doesn't mean you cannot perform the task of driving a car. It only means you are a point A to point B driver, and unless otherwise specified, all you can drive are cars. You don't know how to drive defensively or aggressively without the skill. Do not get into a high speed chase without the drive skill, unless you're prepared to say hello to Mr. Fence Post or Telephone Pole or Ms. Pedestrian.

When in doubt, ask! People are available on the +newbie channel to advise you, and Staff is usually around, or can be reached at some point in the day. Our application approval process is a round table sort, so there may be some back and forth on the +job for your app. Don't panic. We discuss it before we give the yay or nay.

Background Skills:

All background skills should be touched on in some way, if they're outside the normal skills you would have. Gardening 2 might not need much of a mention, but Lockpicking certainly will. 3 in any skill means you've been working at it for a while, but are still a rookie, and probably couldn't make a living at it. 4 and up means you are professional. This means what it suggests. It is your business! 4 and 5 are respectable ranks for skills. 6 is pushing the upper spectrum, 7 is the sort of thing people would know you for. In a small town like Blue Earth 4-5 is really something people would know you for! Unusual skills will be scrutinized most closely, but you should definitely consider some if they fit your concept. We look at apps as a whole when making suggestions.

Background skills are where you will put your spellcasting skills. Spellcasting skills should be linked to Mojo. +help rulingattr.

Don't forget to set ruling attributes for your BG skills! If you're not sure what to set, see +abilities. Learned academic skills use Academic, arts & music used Creative, etc.


The most common languages in Blue Earth are English and Spanish, in that order. There are also several folks (mostly on the Res) who speak Mojave/Mohave. There is no language code here, but if you're going to use a language in pose, please be sure it's on your +sheet. A rank of 4 in a language is passably conversant. A rank of 7 is native speaker. You must have at least a 7 in your native tongue, with a minimum of 4 in English.


When in doubt about anything on your +sheet, write up your background the way you would like your character to be. We will do our best to help you tweak your +sheet to match that!

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