Cast Of Characters


Face Name Family Age Info
Abilene Hodgens Hodgens 26 The Private Investigator. Daughter of Tess and Bo Hodgens, Abilene grew up in Blue Earth. As soon as she turned 18, though, she split to Las Vegas in her hopes to become a professional singer. That didn't exactly turn out as she planned. After a bad run in with some black magic, Abilene turned into a private investigator. She's only just gotten her license, so she's a little wet behind the ears. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in eagerness. She knows some magic and is active in whatever could count as the 'magical' community. Due to circumstances she would prefer not to talk about, she's back in Blue Earth under careful hawk eyes of her mother.
Bart Sinclair 30 The Prodigal Son. After more than a decade away, he returned to set up shop as the town's pawnbroker and unofficial dealer of "stuff", whether that's unwanted gear, obscure books, or information. Researcher, maker of deals, lender of money, man of mystery. When someone needs to buy or sell something, get that hard-to-find item, or get the answer to a weird question, he's often the go-to guy.
Benny Nickles Nickles 26 The Waitress. Benny has been stuck in this po-dunk town since birth, and always swore she'd break out one day. But with an ailing (read alcoholic) mother, she feels obligated to stay. Working in the diner is the only thing keeping her and her mother afloat, and when she gets stiffed on a tips, it's going to be a bad night.
Bodhi "Bo" James Howard 38 The Engineer. Bo is an Army veteran and a radio broadcasting engineer who works for the firm that provides Blue Earth Radio with station and transmitter maintenance. He travels to other stations in the southern part of the state as well, but he has lived in the trailer park in Blue Earth since late December.
Callisto Greenwood 30 The Fuzz. A young deputy for the local Sheriff, Callisto was born and raised on the reservation; she left when she was younger, and returned to tend to her dying mother. Now that she is living in Blue Earth again, she has been making a relatively solid name for herself as a reliable officer. Though at times very private, Callisto is generally friendly enough that her reputation as a hard-ass is not as awful as it could be.
Chad Dalton 22 The Bartender. Dalton has on;y been in town a short time, and already has a job at the Rock Bottom Saloon. A bit odd that someone actually moved to town that didn't have family or otherwise here. But the small town flair he grew up with, drew him back.. Although this small town is definetly a lot different then the one he grew up in. He's been known to be restless and move on a lot. Perhapse he will again, and perhapse he'll stay. And after the bright lights of Vegas, moving to Blue Earth, perhapse he's just a little cracked in thehead.
Coco Nolan Nolan Harper 26 The Paranormal Investigator. Coco was raised in Blue Earth by her quirky new age mother and her retired PI father who taught her everything he knew. Instead of investigating people and crimes, she investigates things that go bump in the night. She left town after her parents died when she was 16, but some years later her face appeared on the niche TV show Paranormal Patrol (before she was fired for being unlikable). After 10 years, she reluctantly stopped her wacky world travels and returned to her hometown.
Daniel McGrath none 29 The Writer. A newcomer to Blue Earth, Daniel McGrath made a name for himself writing the Frozen Wolf series of books. Hugely successful, Daniel used his money to buy a house in Blue Earth after learning of the town from the blogs of Peachy Wyatt. Odd even as outsiders in Blue Earth are concerned, Daniel claims to be here to work on the next installment of his book series.
Grace Tolliver 20 The Necromancer. Grace is in town doing research for a fictional novel being published under a pen name. She's been in a state of culture shock since arriving from her Texan hometown and doesn't associate with all too many people. She is very, very uncomfortable with her new life in Blue Earth.
Haven Kelly Santo 28 The Medic. Haven came to town to visit her only living cousin upon the death of a dear auntie. She arrived at the family home to find it empty, and received a phone call along the lines of 'so long, sucker'. She hasn't been able to leave since. You could call it inconvenient. She has other words. She's a EMT4 with the Fire Department shared between the counties. The really annoying part is that everyone in town seems to have gotten ahold of her cell phone number, and they ring her at all hours to ask for help with various things.
Johnny Derringer 27 The Magician. Johnny was given up for adoption and raised by the American Society for Psychical Research. He was taught a form of magic using theories derived from the Observer Effect. When he finally left the society he continued an almost decade long road trip, fighting Big Foots, shooting ghosts, womanizing, and driving very fast. He's recently found himself in Blue Earth after hearing numerous rumors about a gradual rise in paranormal activity, temporarily dropping his previous intention to investigate Area 51. He also does street magic!
John Dobson Dobson 40 The Short Order Cook. John Dobson has been a fixture in Blue Earth for twenty two years. No one remembers exactly when he showed up, but he's been working as a short order cook at the Crossroads Diner pretty much since he rolled in. Rude, fond of sexual innuendo and kind of an asshole, he keeps to himself in his off time.
Judah Laughing Dog Black 34 The Preacher. Judah Laughing Dog is the son of Sam Laughing Dog, and Maren Black. He left for a brief time to see the world, or so that's what they called him joining the Navy. Went to college and Seminary, and then ended his ass back up in the old Mission/Episcopal church on Main street. As he said upon learning his assignment: Shit.
Lily Youngblood Rose Youngblood, Rose 24 The Hippie. A local girl, Lily's the daughter of a former county high school History teacher and a rather odd and free-spirited woman that the townsfolk labled as a hippie. Lily's apparently taken after her mother, having opened a cafe and hippie store after getting a masters in Native Religions and Lore from University of Nevada.
Lucas Harper Harper 41 The Soldier. Over twenty years of his life was spent outside the town, seeing the world with the U S of Goddamned A military, but he was born here, and he came back here once that was done. He runs Moonlight Gas & Tow, and he's always there to lend a hand when needed.
Mia Renaud Sweetnin Santo Lewis 27 The Doctor. Mia was always known as the town klutz and the bookworm. She was gone for ten years, but is now back to fulfill an obligation to the Santo family - to act as the town's doctor. And sometimes vet when necessary. And maybe repair a car or two.
Nora Tidwell Tidwell 24 The Artist. A lifelong resident of Blue Earth, Nora Tidwell owns and runs a jewelry shop in town by the name of Magpie Jewelry. She's an artist who works primarily with metal and various stones. She's the last living member of her family, her grandparents having passed away and her mother having disappeared quite some time ago.
Sebastian Jackson Jackson 42 The Exorcist. A recent arrival back in Blue Earth after having left the town for over twenty years. Now Father Jackson rather than plain old Seb, he isn't most people's first idea of a preacher, but he intends to serve his flock as best he can. He keeps his cards close to his chest and is reluctant to discuss just what he did for those two decades.
Tess Hodgens Hamrick Hodgens 52 The Mama Bear. Tess runs her family homestead. She's known for being quick with her gun and mouth at Zeke's General Store, where she works frequently. (Tess doesn't put up with much.) Her husband and son stay on the road as truckers while her daughter done took off to Vegas.
Trin Unknown Late 20s Bad News. Not much is known about the tattooed woman who's taken up residence at the Last Chance Motel except that she's assumed to be some kind of bad news, and she hasn't been in town that long.
Rafael Vargas Lewis 43 The Foreigner. Jolie's exotic husband from Spain. The one she talked endlessly about, back before the horseback riding accident three years ago that left her in a coma. She said he was monied, stylish, a patron of the arts and owned several large tracks of land in the Canary Islands and Andalucians. Now that her kids have run off to the city, he mostly runs the ranch alone with his dogs. Seems a friendly enough sort, if a touch eccentric.
William Leng Leng 36 The Scholar Leng left town when he turned 18, and with it the reputation of his bad family. Heading to some University, he became a physicist, and eventually got a Ph.D. Its not known yet exactly why he's bothered to return to this town.
Zeke Roseman 38 The Mayor. Zeke's a born and raised local boy who wandered off to Vegas for about 10 years when he turned 18. Worked Construction and then as a Dealer and a Pit Boss. He came back to town about ten years ago and bought the General Store. Well liked, he wound up running for Mayor five years back and was re-elected last year. His big hobby seems to be tracking his M3 and ZR1


Name Family Age Info
Peachy Wyatt Wyatt 29 Peachy Wyatt is a local girl who is known to be a conspiracy theorist, and avid blogger. She considers it her job, which is obviously much more important than being just a reporter. She reports the truth, straight to the universe, without the skewing filter of big corporations, mass media, or editors. She's often seen about town with her camera and laptop, chasing down the lastest crazy theory.
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