21 Apr 2010 : A Little More Conversation
A Little More Conversation
Summary: Abilene and Dobson have a chat at the Diner.
Date: April 21st 2010
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It may be that time of the evening when most folks have already spun homeward, but Crossroads Diner is open 24/7 and it is in this situation that Johnny Dobson finds himself. He mans the grill, though with just a handful of people, it's a pretty easy task and he's mostly paying attention to the little television he's got set up on the shelf above the grill. It just might be Dancing With The Stars that's on. Someone is definitely dancing a salsa.

Whatever it is that is on the TV, Abilene doesn't notice it at first. People may be spinning homeward, but her schedule's a little wacky and it's high time she got herself some greasy food in order to keep herself going. Plus, it gets her out of the house which is nice. Slipping into a counter seat in easy view of the grill, the young investigator gives Dobson a friendly wave when she spots him working back there.

It doesn't take Dobson long to notice Abilene at the counter. In fact, he flips a burger, turns, slaps it back down on the grill with his spatula and then saunters on over. "Well if it isn't little Miss Abilene Hodgens, Junior Pyromaniac, Blue Earth Branch… forgot to thank you for setting yourself on fire and distractin' that critter from eatin' me a ways back." A beat, "Whatcha havin' tonight?"

The greeting from Dobson causes Abilene to blush a little and push her hair behind her ears. "Not like it did any good." With a shrug, the woman smiles at the cook from over the counter. "No need to thank me. Anyone would have done the same thing if faced with mindless, terrifying zombies who were out to tear off people's fac—actually, on second though, you should thank me. That whole thing was horrible. You're welcome." She pauses a beat and adds, "I think I'll have a milkshake?"

"Ghouls," Dobson corrects, lips pulling back from his teeth in a jackal's grin. "One milkshake, on the house. I'm gonna wager you're a strawberry milkshake sort of woman. You're too scrawny and not at all spicy to be chocolate, but the red hair means you can't be vanilla." There's some sort of logic there. Probably not Earth Logic, though. Turning away from the woman, he heads towards the fridge and starts pulling the ingredients for a shake. Namely ice cream and some strawberries. "How's that mom of yours treatin' you?"

"I know, I know. But zombies sounds cooler." Abilene folds her arms on the counter in front of her and leans forward. There's a bit of a laugh at his dissection of her milkshake tastes. "You should know that almost all women, no matter their size love chocolate. I'm not different. But, you're right, I'm in a strawberry mood tonight." Vanilla is for blondes or something. "The same. I think she still sleeps with a shotgun under her pillow. I worry about waking her up in the middle of the night." She pauses and tilts her head to the side. "How're you doing? You were pretty banged up last I saw."

"Ain't nothin' cool about flesh eatin' undead critters." Dobson scoops out some ice cream into a glass and then washes and slices some strawberries. "Chocolate milkshakes are for women who have flavah. You have no flavah, girl." He doesn't look back over his shoulder, but he sounds like he's grinning. "I, uh, didn't get hurt real bad or anything. Healed up right as rain." And suspiciously, he changes the subject, "You want a place to stay, you could always live with me, Red. 'Course, I might take liberties. And your mom'd go off her nut and be liable to pepper me full of shot."

"You've got that one right." There wasn't really anything cool about them. Or what they did to Dobson. Or what they made Abilene do to her clothes. It was a terrible night. "I have plenty of flavor. Just because you don't know that yet doesn't mean that it isn't there." Maybe he's grinning, but the redhead sounds a little indignant. "That's good to hear." And suspicious as it is, she allows the subject to change so she can answer, "Please, Dobson, there's no way I'd move in with you. Mama's more dangerous than a town of Ghouls, there's no liables about her taking aim at you." Resting her temple on her propped up arm, she frowns. "But, I'm serious, you were in a bad way, I thought."

"Just a scratch," Dobson counters as he plunks the strawberries into the glass. Milk is added and then he wanders over to the blender. "Do I look like I was in a bad way?" A grin is shot the woman before he blends up her shake, raising his voice to continue the conversation over the noise. "You could always ask Nora. She's got the space. She's lonely. And she's your friend. Less likely your mom'll put buckshot in her ass, too."

Abilene frowns and studies Dobson. "No, I guess not." But, it's strange the way he seemed hurt before and not now. The grin, however, ices over what could have been an awkward silence as the blender continues to make a racket. "I've been thinking about it, to be honest. I just don't wanna impose, you know? I can make a strange roommate sometimes. And, well, my mama's more likely to drop pie with a pie and a shotgun."

Giving the blender an eye, Dobson pours out the milkshake into a tall glass, adds whip cream and a cherry and then wanders over to the counter with it, setting it before Abilene. "Too bad she wasn't around for that ghoul incident. Bet she'd have had it sorted out pretty darned quick." A smile is offered before he turns back towards the blender to clean up after himself. "Dunno. I think Tidwell can handle herself pretty well."

Grinning at the cherry on top of her milkshake, Abilene sits up straighter, like a kid in a candy store. "Everyone would be lucky to have survived it, but you're right. She'd have sent those Ghouls back to where they came from before a blink of an eye as long as she had a gun handy." And that one guy seemed to have plenty to spare, so they'd be fine. "She just…" she frowns, swirling a straw about in the pink mixture. "She didn't know anything before. About…the weird stuff. I didn't…I didn't tell her." And it seems like because she didn't tell her, Nora got shot somehow.

"She knew some of it. Vampires, at least." Dobson is keeping his back to Abilene now, but his tone is very nonchalant, like he has nothing to hide. "You could have told her everythin' and it still wouldn't have stopped her gettin' shot by some idiot in the street. And there's always some idiot in the street." He wipes down the staging area with a clean rag as he adds, "Woman needs to stop putting herself in danger. She needs someone else in that house to keep her mind in the here and now. Spent too long with just that dog for company."

"It's not the same." Abilene shrugs her shoulders and finally takes a generous sip of the milkshake. It's frothy, thick and delicious. For a moment, she smiles happily as if transported back to childhood from that one sip. But, as always, reality crashes down. "It wasn't some idiot. It was…" she trails off, remembering the incident exceptionally clearly, even though she wasn't there. "It was worse'n Ghouls. Nora didn't put herself in danger. She was just standing there." With a sigh, she stirs the shake again, plucking the cherry off the top, finally. "To be fair," she adds, "it's a really sweet dog."

Laying both hands on the counter, there's some tenseness in Dobson's shoulders as he replies: "It doesn't matter how sweet the dog is. It's a dog. Ain't worth gettin' shot over." Tossing the rag into the sink, he heads back towards the grill, shaking his head. "You and Nora are a pair, I'll give you that. Gonna get yourselves killed outta ignorance or pokin' your noses where they don't belong."

"What's the point in having a nose if you can't stick it anywhere?" Abilene wrinkles said nose in question and frowns again, looking into the milkshake that Dobson prepared for her. "What I'm trying to say is, she had no idea what she was up against out there. She couldn't've known that she was…" she shakes her head, sips slowly at her drink. "Who that woman was. Bad things're happening about here, Dobson. I know that isn't completely unusual, but it feels different this time. Maybe I'm just different."

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